PB & J… the healthy way!


Dear Diary,

Who doesn’t love PB & J?  It’s a classic combination that’s sweet and comforting.  Although peanut butter might scare away most dieters, I’m a huge fan of putting peanut butter on absolutely everything.  It’s full of protein, low in carbs, and yes… full of delicious saturated fat, but hey!  It’s better than smearing nutella on everything right??

Peanut butter paired with milk is filling and satisfying… but still, something’s missing– the damn jelly!  The pair is unbeatable, but unfortunately the sugar filled jelly makes it a rare treat for us SFG’s… until now… instead of using jelly, try eating PB with fresh blueberries instead– the combination tastes like the real deal, but fresh blueberries are a much smarter choice… Blueberries are one of the most under-rated fruits out there; filled with antioxidants– it’s a completely guilt free treat!

-SFG Jackie

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  1. Kate says:

    We use a lot of almond butetr. We actually grind it ourselves. I also have a gret recipe for apple butetr as well as pear butetr. Delicious. Also I have a couple of recipes for Ezekial bread. Ia m goinf to try to make my own and see what it is like. Thanks for this delicious video

    • Tarko says:

      I switched to alomnd butter years ago when I developed an allergy to peanuts you’re right it is delicious. Love the idea of eating it on Ezekiel tortillas w/apple butter or fresh (no sugar added) fruit preserves! Thanks for the tip Yum! ! See you on Wednesday @ Cush!

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