Perfect Sunday…Healthy Brunch & CicLAvia!



Dear Diary,

Mission accomplished!  I’m happy to report that two of the laziest people alive (don’t want to name names, but yes, it’s me and my bf) actually woke up this morning to participate in an amazing Los Angeles event!  CicLAvia is an incredible event where cars are removed from the streets of LA so that bikers can take over the lanes!  Okay… so not ALL LA streets… could you imagine?  That would be chaos in a city where your car is more important than your kid.

But thanks to CicLAvia I biked 10 miles today from downtown Los Angeles to my home in West LA and it was quite the adventure!  Everyone was having a ball!  Blasting music and stopping at taco trucks, rest stops and party stops along the way…

What a terrific way to enjoy a sunny day in southern California!

If you feel like you missed out… don’t worry!  This event is happening again on June 23rd!  Check it out!


To gain strength for the big bike ride ahead, I made a healthy breakfast this morning– and it was less than 250 calories per serving!  All you need is: smoked salmon, cooked egg whites, chopped chives, whole wheat english muffin and non-fat cream cheese…

(Just keep the cream cheese to a minimum ;))


This is my new go-to breakfast treat… it’s SO GOOD… AND GUILT


On our journey, we met up with some friends who are part of a new project called the “movable party.”  There goal is to create a human-scale generator–  a unique interactive media system powered by bicycles.  Three people at a time spin on stationary bikes which generate enough energy to play continuous music!  It was so much fun being a part of this… and I’m so excited to see what else they are able to accomplish!


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did!  Nothing like fun in the sun on a Sunday afternoon!

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