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Lately, I’ve really been trying to cook more at home! When you control what’s going in your dishes you’re able to eat healthier and that’s always a must for summer. (Which is already here!!!! OMG. Crazy!) But more frequent grocery runs and larger quantities also means more waste. :( At least for me. I need to learn how to shop more efficiently! (If you have any tips please leave them in the comments below.) I just never seem to go through everything I purchase, especially produce. Ugh. I know, I need to eat more greens… I always have the best of intentions and go all out in the store and then always avoid the veggie drawer once I get home. If only the thought could count for my health…

I will say fresh herbs make everything more flavorful and delicious. By adding a sprig or two of fresh herbs to my meal I instantly feel like I’m creating an inspired meal. And it helps me eat more veggies, but giving them more fresh flavors… I always get the mixed organic herb pack because my herb garden (and by that I mean a basil plant I got at Trader Joe’s that was already planted and fully grown. ha) tends to only survive for a couple months… What can I say, I didn’t inherit the green thumb gene. I like the mixed herb package because it gives me a variety of options, but there’s always something I don’t get to use in time and I feel bad throwing them out.

Our solution to preserving your herbs is something we’ve done several times on our blog. Use your ice cube tray!!

Kitchen Hack – Preserve Your Herbs

how to save your old herbs, olive oil herb ice cubes, diy, freeze your herbs


* Ice cube tray

* Extra Virgin Olive Oil

* Herbs

* Freezer
how to save your old herbs, olive oil herb ice cubes, diy, freeze your herbs


1. Separate the herbs from their stems and add enough greens to fill 1/4th of the ice cube tray.

2. Then, pour the olive oil over the herbs almost up to the top of the tray.

3. Add tray to freezer and wait until contents is completely frozen.

4. Pop the olive oil / herb squares out of the tray and add to a sealed container like a mason jar or Tupperware.

(I like to keep my different herbs separated so you know what’s what.)

5. To use, add one cube to hot sauce pan and add in your desired vegetable or protein once the pan is hot.
how to save your old herbs, olive oil herb ice cubes, diy, freeze your herbs

After freezing it should look like this…

How to preserve your fresh herbs

Freeze your herbs



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