Processed Food Junkie… Changing My Evil Ways



Dear Diary,

There comes a time when you have to be real with yourself…and your habits. Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m addicted to processed food. It never occurred to me just how much I craved packaged food, until I was in Paris. It was a Sunday morning and the thought of indulging in anymore Parisian food made me ill. All I wanted was a bowl of Fiber One and Pretzel Thins… Lucky for me, supermarkets in Paris are closed on Sunday; when I asked for an explanation as to why, all I got was, “because it’s Sunday.”

My want for a “healthy packaged” item was becoming more of a need, at this point. I have a feeling I didn’t any favors for the American stereotype in Paris. I  was a crazed American women roaming the streets asking for a place to buy Fiber One…in English.  I swear someone tried to give me change – thinking I was homeless, instead of on a dire food mission. (scary image, right??)


Did I mention I was on my honeymoon? We rented a Parisian flat through VRBO. So that’s why I couldn’t call room service. When I returned from my trek, disheveled and misty eyed, mumbling to my husband, “I couldn’t find anything!” My husband said, “You’re kind of scary right now… I think your obsession with food is sorta disturbing.”

And he might be right. I eat so clean throughout the day, but I never feel completely satisfied. So when I arrive home from work, I’m starved! I head for packaged food, my body craves the quick energy from all the hidden salt and sugars. I know all this, but I’ve been too afraid to change my ways. But, in Paris I had to face them. I could no longer eat packaged food that I knew the exact calorie content…I just had to eat. Want to know the craziest thing, I actually lost weight.

So, now that I’m back in the States and packaged foods are so easy to come by, it’s been hard to say no.  But, I’m determined to end this no-win cycle and give real food a try.

They say it takes 2 weeks to reset your taste buds… It’s already proved to be challenging and it’s day 3…But I’m allowing myself to eat things I used to never enjoy, like avocados. I know! It’s good fat, but I’ve been so scared by the calorie content, I could never bring myself to eat it.  Now, I’m throwing it in my smoothie… this shake has done wonders with curbing my appetite.

–          Quarter of an avocado

–          2 Handfuls of Spinach

–          Cup of Almond Milk

–          Scoop Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

–          Scoop of macro greens

–          Hearty shake of cinnamon

I know it’s only been 3 days, but I swear my skin looks brighter…Who’s giving up packaged food with me?processedfood2


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