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Dear Diary,

When I went searching for some sweet treat inspiration earlier this week, I was having some trouble.  Of course there are so many delicious recipes to try, but many seemed too complicated, or too processed… but then I came across Pumpkin “Caramels”, and I was immediately intrigued.  I love any recipe that stays true to the holiday spirit, and the best part is that there is NO ADDED SUGAR and only FIVE INGREDIENTS in total.  This recipe is easy to make, perfect for dessert or a mid-day snack, and are super delicious!

SFG Diary pumpkin caramelsThese are similar to my recent “Pumpkin Pie Bites” except there are fewer ingredients and and even sweeter!  These little caramels really do taste similar to the real deal– it is amazing how sweet dates can be, and the touch of pumpkin adds a perfect layer of fall flavor! They are so ooey-gooey and natural sweet– just like I like it! :)  I am definitely going to try to make these again this thanksgiving– because they definitely won’t last in my freezer– I’ve already had several today with my coffee LOL (but whose counting ;))

pumpkin caramels SFG


In a food processor combine:

  • 1 & 1/4 cups of dates
  • 2 tablespoons of pumpkin puree
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (make sure it is in liquid form)
  • add 3 large dashes of cinnamon spice & clove spice
  • add a few tablespoons of hot water to smooth out the “caramel” mixture

*keep processing the mixture until it is shiny and smooth– the texture of caramel

then put in the freezer for several hours (any where from 2-6 hours is great!)

The mixture will be soft and fudge-like, but a lot easier to manipulate

use a spoon to scoop out small amounts of the caramel and the roll into a ball or square using your hands

finally– roll in salted pumpkin seeds and enjoy!!!

** leave in the freezer to keep fresh and enjoy anytime!

SFG pumpkin caramels

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