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Dear Diary,

I’m what you would call a perfectionist. And when the holidays are upon us I typically take it to the next level doing Martha Stewart-esque things until the wee hours of the morning… but sometimes I just throw in the towel and accept defeat, realizing I need sleep more than hand painted wrapping paper.

But what do you do when you’re hosting a dinner party and everything you pinned on Pinterest turns into an epic #fail? FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT, that’s what! Give yourself a break and feel free to add in some store bought items. Dress them up to make them look like you slaved away though! Adding a garnish always helps disguise too! (Did you see my DIY Apple Mugs?)

Then, work on mastering your best, “Oh this?! It was nothing…” I’m the worst at this part. Whether it was my hair, outfit or meal being complimented I always find some way to down play it and give away my secret. (ex. Oh they’re extensions. It’s from Forever 21 for $5. I just spray painted the bottoms to make them look like Loubs! The list goes on…)

At this dinner party, I cored out mini pumpkins and used them as bowls, but faked the homemade soup for the yummy organic boxed soup Trader Joe’s provides. This one was Butternut Squash, but they have a wide variety of tasty healthy soup options! Coring out the pumpkins was slightly labor intensive, but made that bisque that I couldn’t master look that much cuter and taste all the more homemade…


What’s your favorite hosting hack? Please share, because I’m in desperate need this holiday season!

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  1. Always Me says:

    Holiday hosting can be SUCH an ordeal. We try not to freak out about it. We’ve even posted a guide with some nifty tricks + ideas –


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