Quest Bar cake pop anyone?!


cake pop with quest bar by SFG Diary

Dear Diary,

I suffer from dessert addiction… but fortunately, I have learned to manage my cravings by picking healthy choices most of the time.  While I may make better choices, eating dessert in moderation is also essential!  From previous posts you guys might have picked up on the fact that us SFGs are fanatic about Quest Bars!!! I mean, what’s not to love?  In my humble opinion, these bars are the tastiest and healthiest nutritional bars in the market right now– with minimal processing, few ingredients, tons of protein and low carb to boot… I’m in dessert heaven!  And yes, I said dessert haha… I not only munch on these bars throughout the day… but the cookie dough flavored quest bar is my go-to dessert food.  Unfortunately, after a massive dinner, I probably don’t need to consume a protein bar on top of it… and they’re so good, I often eat 2 or 3 at a time! yikes!!  While binging on quest bars may be a better alternative than cookies… it’s not ideal.

cookie dough quest bar cake pop

I decided to take control by creating a cake pop out of my favorite quest bar– this not only creates the perfect bite-size treat, but it’s a great way to experiment with some new flavors as well!

Here are three simple crunchy toppings for a cookie dough center cake pop with a chocolate shell:  coconut, protein powder & almond!

quest bar cake pop SFG diary 3 flavors

Want to try this out?  Here’s what you do:

cookie dough quest bar SFG DIARY

  • first, cut your quest bar in half (you don’t need the whole thing right now ;))

quest bar cake pop sfgdiary

  • Place each half on a pop-stick and mold into round shape

chocolate sauce SFG Diary

  • Place cookie dough balls in freezer to harden (only 5 minutes is necessary)
  • then melt dark (no sugar added) chocolate (about 1 cup) in a sauce pan with about 1/4 of a cup of almond milk (it will form a creamy and shiny ganache
  • Finally dip the balls into the mixture until completely coated
  • before it dries– sprinkle on your topping: I chose almonds & coconut flakes!
  • However, my last pop was caked with chocolate protein– in order for the protein powder not to dissolve, allow the chocolate coat to completely harden before dusting with chocolate protein powder

SFG Diary cake pops made with quest bars

will you try quest bars the cake pop way?!  Experiment with flavors and let us know your favorite combination!

quest bar cookie dough center cake pop SFG Diary

Another way to make dessert fun, delicious and GUILT-FREE… just how we like it… :)  Enjoy SFGs!


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