Dear Diary,

Valentine’s Day is here. So whether you have a romantic dinner planned or you’re grabbing drinks with the friends, you’ll probably want to show a little leg. If you are like me – pale as the Twilight cast circa 2010- you are probably looking to add color to your legs; mine haven’t seen sun for about 4 month.  I should just go and get a “spray tan,” but I can’t because my lovely fiancé thinks it makes me smell like… fried chicken. Funny, smelling like poultry wasn’t the sexy I was going for this Valentine’s Day. So, right now I’m weighing my options, how can I show my legs without people asking if I need immediate medical assistance? Life is such a balance.

Option 1.) Tan nylons made famous and a possibility, by the one and only Kate Middleton. She rocked tan tights all throughout 2012, like it wasn’t something your grandma did back in the day.  If you really want to pull a slimming number on your legs, you can wear 2 pairs of nylons.  Remember the Playboy show starring Amber Heard that was on for a hot minute? Those girls were all doubling down on the stockings making their legs look like expertly crafted sticks.


Option 2.) Sally Hansen + Benefits Bathina + Body Bronzer Dust by Mac = oh la la Goddess legs.  Valorie mentioned it in her red carpet post and I’ll second the notion that Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs is definately the way to go. I like to add Benefit’s Bathina for some sheen. Victoria Secret Models legs are never matte on the runway and there’s a reason.  Shine on your legs makes them look longer and leaner. Umm Yes Please.

Untitled #6

To make these Goddess Leg’s come to fruition, simply apply the Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs first; really rub it in to make sure there are no streaks.  Then wait about 5 minutes when it feels dry. Take Benefit’s Bathina, which comes with a convenient application sponge, dab it in the body balm and sweep it along your shin and  the top of your thigh. Then  do a side lunge and place it where your muscle flexes and sweep away. Finish the look by LIGHTLY dusting your legs with the body bronzer dust and you’ll have shimmery golden legs.

Legs on A budget

Option 3.) Tanning towelettes + Vaseline Coco Butter Body Oil + Body Lotion = glowing legs under $13.99.  If you only have time to swing by CVS on your way home, here’s a quick fix: tanning towelettes, plus lotion and Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body Oil. It’s inexpensive and quick. Sweep your legs with a tanning towelette, wait till dry. Then mix about one part Cocoa Butter Body Oil and 2 Parts Lotion and apply on your legs for some much needed shine.

Ahh, choices… Happy Valentine’s day.




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  1. Tessa says:

    True, I don’t function like a normal person when I haven’t had my 7 hours of sleep haha.


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