Rain Dance


Dear Diary,

My biggest pet peeve is having the bottom of my jeans wet – in Oregon that’s inevitable. I grew up in the Pacific NW, and am no stranger to feeling like a drowned rat 80% of the time. There was nothing worse to me than walking across campus and sitting in classes all day with soggy jeans and squishy toes! Yuck. Why I didn’t own an umbrella is beyond me. Not that it would have helped the situation much…

Living in Los Angeles we don’t get too much weather and definitely don’t have seasons, which I sometimes miss. Who am I kidding, summer in February is pretty awesome! However, we are in a major drought right now. So in order to help sunny California’s cause, I thought I’d bring out my rain jacket/trench coat for a traditional rain dance!


I love jackets with flirty accents like this one from Anthropologie! Thanks, Martha!


Kiss summer goodbye LA. I’m bringing the rain! (But only for a day or two please.)

Val Kisses

My favorite jackets at the moment…

TrenchDKNY DKNY2annekleinFreePeopleJacket

Jones NY Trench // DKNY Leather Trim // DKNY Hooded Wool // Anne Klein //Free People


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