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Dear Diary,

When I told my friends that I was attempting to partake in “Raw-gust”… they basically laughed in my face.  And the truth is, while I love a challenge… this challenge is kinda unrealistic for me… while I love snacking on raw foods, I can’t live with out a home-cooked meal all month… and eating “raw” means nothing is cooked. So… with that said, I changed my definition of raw-gust to a less-restricted version.  Instead of only eating raw foods for the month of august, I’m going to attempt to make a few raw meals per week– try something new, and making the last month of summer a healthy one!  It’s good to get out of your “food comfort-zone” sometimes… I often like to stick to the same vegetables and recipes that I’m used to making, but unless you try something new… you’ll never know what you’re missing!  This month is about getting more creative with vegetables– and fortunately since it’s Raw-gust, there’s not much cook-time involved!  Perfect for August, where I’d rather be spending time outdoors with family and friends than in a kitchen sweating over a hot stove!

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With so many great vegetables in season… it’s the perfect time to hit up your favorite farmer’s market and experiment with some yummy ingredients– here’s to keeping it raw & DELICIOUS!

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Why eat raw!?  While I’ve known that vegetables lose crucial nutrients from high heat, I’m learning new facts from this experience… did you know that vegetables start losing nutritional value the moment they’re harvested?!  Now that I know that, the more local and simple I can keep my vegetables, the healthier they are for me.

Why salad?!  Well, while I’m stepping out of my comfort-zone… I’m not treading too faraway.  I don’t often make salads at homes so experimenting with new flavors and textures is perfect– but making a “raw lasagna” just feels too foreign for this Italian food lover this early in the “raw-game”…!

Want to make this for yourself?  It’s very simple.  Here’s what you do!

What you need: a peeler… it’s basically your best friend for this dish.

Boil some water and use a heat-proof strainer to steam your vegetables (this way the broccoli and asparagus can soften up a bit without being cooked!)

after a few minutes of steaming (or until vegetables are soft) immediately place into a bowl of cold water in order to shock the vegetables and keep them looking bright and green!

Then… use a peeler to slice up 2 long carrots & 1 cucumber

now all you have to do is assemble!  Place the vegetable along with 1/4 cup of almonds for some crunch!  That’s it!

For the dressing, this is what I did… combine 1 tablespoon of olive oil with the juice of half a lemon, and a pinch of salt and pepper

the lemon citrus flavor is a perfect compliment to the broccoli and asparagus :) YUM.

sfg raw salad 3

If this is raw… I can get used to this.  Feel free to add some tofu in there as well for some protein!  That’s raw… right?!  ;)

sfg raw salad 5

Also check out this other summer salad if you’re digging making salads at home!

Enjoy SFG’s… and remember to step out of your food comfort-zone… every once and a while!

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