Red Pepper Brussel Sprouts


Dear Diary,

Fall to us symbolizes cozy sweaters, leather boots, family, football and lots and lots of comfort food! It’s hard to spend your weekends in front of the tv watching sports without indulging in all the tasty, hearty dishes that go with. So again, we came up with some healthier options to enjoy while your cheering on your home team!

We recently went to a tailgating potluck and along with our baked chicken wings and greek yogurt ranch dip we turned to our favorite all-natural, vegan + gluten-free dressing. Remember our recipes with Savour This Sauce? How could you forget, right?!

Here’s another recipe we whipped up with another one of their amazing flavors… Red Pepper Romesco!

Savour this sauce - red pepper romesco


 * 2 tbsp. Red Pepper Romesco Savour This Sauce

* 12 oz Bag of Organic Brussel Sprouts

* Sesame Seeds

* Salt + Pepper

Savour this SauceRecipe:

* Rinse off your brussel sprouts and slice length wise. Then, steam.

* Mix 2 tbsp. of your desired dressing in with the brussel sprouts.

* Sprinkle sesame seeds and salt + pepper to taste.

* Serve warm :)

Red Pepper Brussel Sprouts

What’s your favorite fall dish?Signature

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