Ribbons, Buttons, & TAPE…Oh My!


Dear Diary,

My charity, SoCal HeARTs, did a fundraiser last week (RIDE FOR A REASON) to raise money for our kids camp.  It was a last minute event, but I think little details are important no matter how much time you have and being on a budget you learn to get even more creative!  I took vases I already had, gathered scraps of ribbon, buttons, and double sided tape to create something unique and fun!  Something as simple as ribbons wrapped around vases can help tie together a theme or look.

I added rocks and colored marbles to the vases to hold the votive candles in place…


* Vase

* Ribbons

* Double-sided tape


* Buttons

* Needle & Thread


1. Measure ribbons to fit around your vase.

2. Layer different width ribbons on each other and secure with double-sided tape.  This will add fun detailing to your ribbon!

3. (Optional) Sew buttons or bows on one end of the ribbon.  This will help cover up the end seam of your ribbon.

4. Line the back side of the ribbon with double-sided tape and press around the vase to secure.






Check out another use for double-sided tape to make something new, but not permanent: Shoedazzle!

For more information on SoCal HeARTs check out: www.socalhearts.com

SoCal HeARTs creates a positive, fun, caring, and supportive environment for foster children and low income families. Through positive role models and consistent personal connection, we encourage healthy lifestyles and help them identify their own self worth with activities that support their interests and instill new passions and goals for the future.

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  1. Brock Christopher says:

    you’re such an awesome, selfless girl, Val. I was planning on coming to your event at Equinox this week but something came up last second. please let me know your next event, especially if it’s a charity supporting kids, and I will make it out :)

    • admin says:

      You are awesome, Brock! Thanks so much for all your support! The Kids Camp in South Central was amazing! Check out some of the pictures on my fb page :) Thanks again!

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