Holiday Cocktail You Can Enjoy at Any Hour!


rum chata holiday drink

Dear Diary,

I’m knee deep in holiday gift giving and mentally preparing for Christmas this year… because not only will I have the company of own family, but my in-laws will be joining us as well. It’s a Gilmore-Stubblefield Christmas in Chicago. Oh boy!  Joint family holidays aren’t really something you hear about too often and I can only imagine why…

Instead of panicking, I’m spiking my coffee. Ah-ha! Drinking at all times, the silver lining of holidays. Spiked coffee would also make a great welcome cocktail for holiday parties;  equal parts upper and downer is a great way to keep everyone’s emotions at bay. It might help avoid that one drunk relative that tells everyone how they really feel…and it isn’t through rose-colored glasses. Cheers to an emotionally stable holiday season!

Here’s what you need:

* cold pressed coffee

* coffee ice cubes

* Rum Chata

To decorate the rim of the glass:

*white sprinkles

*agave nectar


1. Take coffee and pour in ice trays, wait until they are frozen.

2.  Take the agave nectar and put on the rim of your glassware. I took an unused paint brush and used it to coat the rim with agave nectar, the I put the sprinkles in a bowl and dipped the glass it.

Coffee - Rum Chata Holiday Drink

3. Next, place the coffee ice cubes in your cup

coffee - Rum Chata 3

4. Pour 3 parts cold pressed coffee 0r 2 parts, depending how strong you like it, to one part Rum Chata.

coffee - rum chata holiday drink 2




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