Dear Diary,

I go through waves of working out hard and then not doing anything at all. I can’t tell you how many times I get in my workout gear, but never quite make it out the door.

Growing up, I was always athletic and did anything from gymnastics to wake boarding and track. However, I never liked to run. Let’s be real, I did the field events and did everything in my power to avoid the warm up lap. Sorry, coach. Surprisingly, since then I had a momentary lapse in judgement and ran a couple marathons and even did a triathlon! Once you’ve done it you can always say you’re a “marathoner” right?! Even if it happened eons ago… I mean to this day I’m pretty sure I still have a black toe nail from the last one. I’m not 100% sure because I like to use a layering method with my nail polish. Moral of the story, I’m unmotivated in the working out department unless I have a buddy to hold me accountable or a race I don’t want to perish during, so I force myself to train.

In an effort to get me out the door and back in my running shoes again I decided to go “location scouting” for photography inspiration. Before I leave, I create a mental shot list of things, places, emotions, etc that I need to see while on my run. Sort of like a game of I Spy with myself. I’m forced to continue to pound the pavement until I’ve successfully seen everything on my I Spy shot list. If you follow us on Instagram you know about this already. I’ve been calling it the #SFGadventure series. By pairing something I dread with something I love, photography, I was able to find joy in running again. I forget about how incredibly hard I’m panting (Is it safe to continue to run when you sound like an out of shape bull dog?!) because I’m caught up contemplating different interpretations of my shot list words – “ravine” and “aged”… It’s also a fun game because when I do Spy it, I stop to take a picture and it’s an excuse to take a well deserved breather!

Some days I see everything quickly (eyes feverishly dashing around desperate to get the list over with so my run will be too), and others I’m running an extra 3 miles because the vague words are harder than you think to make sense of.

Check out where #SFGadventure has taken my kicks!

I spy - Running Adventure

Pretty paths of florals, marina boats, canals with camouflaged crabs, weird knotty stumps that look angry…

i spy - running game adventure

Beautiful run in Silverton, Oregon! Deer, holiday cheer, my family flower (Dahlia), fall leaves, good luck…

i spy - Running adventure 3

 1. Possibility: A flyer advertising photography for acting headshots. I interpreted this as possibility for my photography business to grow and for those actor’s potential to have a breakout role one day! 2. Secret: I found an ornate, hidden little door that seemed like it would be the door to a secret garden! 3. Glitter: The sun was glittering on the canal water. It practically blinded me when I crossed the bridge. I then proceeded to sneeze. In odd multiples… I do that when I see the sun and I’m not equipped with shades. It’s weird, I know.

I spy - Running adventure 2

On this particular day I had a hard time getting back into a running schedule after an exhausting weekend of travel. I used my “I SPY” photo game with a theme because I was inspired by SFG Lauren’s #shedforthewed. I  searched for something old, borrowed, and blue! 1⃣ Borrowed: the view! 2⃣ Old: I saw this cool old vintage car and just as I ran up to take my pic the owner walked over and asked if I wanted a ride…awkward. So I ran off and eventually saw this handicapped symbol that represented my old and it was very symbolic of how I felt during this run! 3⃣ Blue: (& Borrowed! haha) Honey Bucket! Total run 3.5 miles with a celebratory iced green tea for my cool down walk home. Like I said, sometimes I get creative and interpretative to cut it short – they don’t all have to be big runs!

Get out there SFGs!

Be playful, stay inspired and have an #SFGadventure on your next run! Show us what you saw by using that hashtag! What should my next shot list be?


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