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Dear Diary,

I’m constantly on the go and if you didn’t know me you might think I live out of my car. I probably could.

Heading from a shoot or work to an audition or meeting I sometimes don’t have time for a full outfit change. Adding the element of an accessory (like a hat, scarf or even statement earrings) can completely change your look! I’m all about getting the most out of every outfit – a benefit of being on a budget is that you’re forced to get more creative. Here’s a simple scarf perfect for the season, made more versatile.

Option One: The Wrap


Hang the scarf evenly over your neck. Cross the pieces in front of you, wrapping the ends back around your neck for a double loop effect. Adjust the lengths – the ends will be exposed.


Option Two: The Infinity


 Hang the scarf evenly over your neck. Knot the ends together and twist to make a loop. Place that loop over your head and adjust the length.


Option Three: Criss-Cross Applesauce


Lay the scar the opposite way around your neck. The ends should be against your back. Wrap the ends back around your shoulders so they lay in front. Cross the front middle section to make a loop and pull the loose ends through the center loop. Pull tight and adjust the knot to desired placement.


Option Four: The Wreath


Hang the scarf around your neck so that there’s 1/3 on a side and 2/3 on the other. Wrap the long end around your neck to make a simple one loop wrap.


Take one side of your loose end and twist it tightly to the right. Next, wrap the twisted section around the main loop twice. Repeat on the other side.


Option Five: Wrap Skirt

(This is best done with spandex blended scarves, unlike the one I’m using… I wanted some pop with the red!)


Starting with one end of your scarf in the middle of your back (depending on scarf length and body size), wrap around one in a quarter times so that the loose end is at your hip. Next, fold the material over so that it crosses in front (feel free to cross it again for a more noticeable twist knot). Continue to wrap the scarf around your body, smoothing and stretching where needed.


Gather the end and tuck it in at your hip to secure. Make sure the end is evenly spread out inside your “skirt” so there’s minimal bulging.


Great as a beach cover up or belt it for a more polished look.

If you follow us on Instagram & Facebook you got a little preview of what was to come in this post — If not, check it out now! You’ll learn another cool scarf tie option from my model friend who just got back from Paris! Thank you, Heather.


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  1. BerryBloomXO says:

    The skirt is so well done and I love all the ways you could tie a scarf – they look like they’d be difficult to do but you’ve explained it well!

  2. Tamara says:

    Always wanted to know how to do the different scarf styles……thank you :)


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