Savour This Sauce


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Have you heard of “Savour This Sauce”?  Well if you haven’t, we’re glad to clue you in!   We’re obsessed.  Not just with the taste of these three signature sauces, but with the healthy message behind this young brand.  It all started when a brother and sister teamed up; Marlene Bernstein “the Chef” & her entrepreneur brother Michael realized that they had to share their passion for good, clean food with the world.   (Remember our mission to eat less processed foods?!) The business might have started off small, but people just can’t get enough of these deliciously simple flavors that go with… well, pretty much everything!   The key to a great meal?  It starts with three delicious sauces… and ends with whatever you come up with!

Savour This Sauce

One of our favorite sauces is the Pistachio Mint.  A new take on pesto, it’s decadent, fresh and so flavorful!  Best part is… this sauce has only 7  ingredients.  That’s right, SEVEN!  It’s also completely vegan and locally made.  Wha-what!  This means that it left all the bad stuff out and kept only the good stuff in… this is real, simple, food that adds a special tang to every dish…

Savour This Sauce - Pistachio Mint Pesto

Savour This Sauce…has made eating simple vegetables fun again! Let’s bring fresh food to the masses…

Here is one new recipe us SFG’s came up with: Portobello Mushroom with Pesto Arugula

Pesto Mushroom Arugula Recipe

* 4 tablespoons of Savour This Sauce Pistachio Mint

* 2 portobello mushrooms (grill mushrooms on a hot skillet until soft)

* 2 cups of arugula

* 2 tablespoons of feta

* 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper

Not a bad way to eat more vegetables :)

Savour This Sauce - Portobello Mushroom Arugula Feta Recipe

Savour This Sauce - Pesto Portobello Mushroom Recipe

Want to try some of this sauce for yourself? Help this amazing brand spread to the masses!  Check out the facebook  and the kickstarter campaign to help bring this sauce to your local market. Remember, every dollar counts!  Let’s get healthy, let’s get saucey…

…or as they put it,  let’s get “sauc-ome” :)

Enjoy SFG’s!


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