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(How many friends can you get into your selfies? #myfriendshavelongerarmsthanyourfriends)

Dear Diary,

If you read my last post – Bridal Shower Bliss you would know that I was gearing up to throw another Bachelorette! Did you catch SFG Lauren’s Bachelorette featured on Lauren Conrad?! If not, you really should! The FIESTA themed weekend we threw her is perfect inspiration with Cinco de Mayo right around the corner! Piñata + pinto beans anyone?! :)

As I’ve said before, start with creating an invite that’s an extension of your bride and the inspiration for the weekend.



The slogan for the weekend set the stage for KISS lip details!


I used Washi decorative tape to attach the printed lettering to the banner flags.

Fresh tulips!

Fresh tulips in the perfect color palate :)


Party healthy sweet tray

This was my way of creating a fun “sweets” station, but with a healthy twist for our uber health conscience bride.

Personal serving sizes of air popped popcorn complete in ice cream cones!

Bachelorette - Xs + Os Kiss Theme

Floating hearts + hanging Xs+Os


I live for the little details…


Our colorful tablescape from Spritz line for Target!

Affordable and disposable for easy party clean up! I staged a plate stack to tie in all the colors on top of a lucite charger.

Bachelorette - Tablescape - KISS lips theme

 I glitter glued clothes pins for a pretty metallic accent pop!


Don’t forget to personalize it!

Or I’ll SMACK you…Right in the KISSER!


Lips party bachelorette straws

To create the paper straw lip detail, I drew a stencil of lips and cut them out of red paper using an exacto knife. Then, cut two horizontal slits to fit the paper straws through.


As a fun take home for our bride we all puckered up in different shades of red to kiss the matting in the frame. She can add in a picture from the night to remember the epic occasion!


* Kiss The Hunk *

(Hang a poster of the bride’s celebrity crush, blind fold all the girls, spin them around and then aim them for the poster. Closest to his kisser wins! Don’t forget the red lipstick!)

* My Lips Are Sealed *

(Two truths and a lie. This is a great getting to know you ice breaker game if you have a mixed group of friends! Have each guest tell two truths and one lie about themselves and see who can decipher what’s what.)


And for the bride’s that don’t want all the fuss of the veil and sash, find other non-traditional ways of embarrassing them. (ie. Lots of them…)


Also, incase she isn’t sure about doing something make sure her groom is close by to tell her it’s okay to…

Drink champagne + Dance on the table!

What’s your ideal bachelorette?!


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