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Dear Diary,

My secrets to Glowing Summer Skin?  Blueberries on my face, and cucumbers in my water. Ha, I’m serious!  Moving across the country, took a toll on my skin; crazy humidity (that I had completed forgotten about while living out west), has taken a toll on my skin; And summer wedding, after summer wedding, with caked on make-up and sun exposure galore has taken it’s toll as well.  It took a couple weeks of sleep and a few summer secrets in order to get my skin back into tip-top shape!

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The key to perfect summer make-up– is to look make-up-less. This means keeping make-up simple.  The only way that works, is to have radiant, balanced skin.  This felt near to impossible during my first few weddings of the summer…  I wanted to look fresh, youthful and glowing, but a few days before the first big event, I started to panic.  My skin was red and irritated, and in no shape to be “make-up-less.”  Even worse, the summer heat and humidity would make any caked on make-up sweat right off, leaving me looking more like a drag queen than a sophisticated bridesmaid.  Something had to be done:

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Glowing Summer Skin Secrets revealed:


Add some extra vitamins, and keep your water tasty, by adding my favorite (spa-like) ingredient: CUCUMBER.  this refreshing vegetable has kept me hydrated all season long!

2.  SPF, SFG’s.   This is an easy one.  We all know to use SPF, but before a long day of wedding photos and festivities, I noticed a lot of my girlfriends skipped the step of summer sun protection.  This is an important step that you should never forget!  And it is the only summer skin secret that will keep your skin healthy and radiant for summers to come.

3.  BLUEBERRY TONER.  Those few days leading up to the weddings, I mashed some blueberries, and then gently pat the goo onto my clean face.  I then gently removed it with a slightly moist towel. Blueberries tone your skin so what is revealed over time is balanced skin… Perfect for summer make-up-less looks!

4.  OLIVE OIL & SUGAR SCRUB I used this scrub to moisturize and exfoliate the night before each wedding.  The result was radiant skin.  I love homemade scrubs because you know exactly what’s in it.  Don’t over-exfoliate ladies– once or twice a week (depending on your skin type) will do.  This was a great tool in order to remove some dry skin and reveal some new, glowing skin underneath!

All you do is add equal parts olive oil and sugar (you don’t need more than a couple of tablespoons of each), and mix together.  What you want is a slightly thick paste that you can gently massage into your skin (face & body!)

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Now you are Summer Ready– be confident, feel beautiful, and look healthy this summer!  These tips have been a skin-savor for me this season, and I’m happy to say the red, irritated, dry skin is GONE!  What is your pre-wedding routine?


Let us know SFGs!

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