SFG ADVENTURES in Italy: “Um Excuse me… Where’s the Bench?”


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Dear Diary,

I just got back from a very romantic trip… and inspiration was everywhere… the food, culture, lifestyle, and fashion of the modern and ancient Romans… that’s right!  I went to Rome, Italy!

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But not just Rome… southern Italy’s Sorrento…

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and Pompeii.

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I was so excited to spend time back in Italy.  Not only am I partially Italian by heritage, but my parents met, fell in love, and lived in Rome for 10 years, and I followed in their footsteps by studying abroad in Florence for six months during college.  One would definitely be accurate to say that Italy has always been an important place for my family, so I couldn’t wait to take my boyfriend there for his first time… and he was mesmerized by the deep history and culture Italy has to offer.

One of the highlights of my trip, was that I was able to show off my Italian language skills.  I pride myself in my ability to blend in and not be viewed as a tourist.  You can then imagine my astonishment and disappointment when every where I went, every person insisted on speaking to me in English… “I don’t understand,”  I’d whine, “my Italian’s great… they could at least give me a chance!”

I realized pretty quickly that my Italian was rustier than I thought– when first arriving I asked a restaurant waiter very simply, where the bank was.  I said it in my perfect Italian, and he immediately looked at me as if I had four heads. “Scusi, dove il banco?” I said confidently.  He starred at me blankly so I said, “you know… the bank?!” (in English)… And he immediately understood!  I mean duhhhh how dumb could this guy be!?

It wasn’t until later, with the help of my boyfriend’s phone translator, that I realized that bank is with an a not an o… but come on, I was only off by one letter!  How much difference can one letter make?! Well… I guess the meaning of boat and bat are very different but one’s just missing an o… and same with paint or pant.

Also with the help of his translator, I discovered a new word… banco means bench… yes, that’s right!  I had asked him where the bench was…

Hmmm… guess I’m the idiot. :)

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I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all… but for now, some photos and a story will do :)

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