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Rah Rah Swim

Dear Diary,

While swimsuit season may be dwindling in most areas of the country… in Los Angeles, we’re experiencing a heat wave!  So it was no surprise when our girlfriend decided to throw her bachelorette party- poolside this past weekend.  Not only was it the ultimate celebration to honor the bride, but it was the perfect excuse for us SFGs to get together!  And while all us gals showered the bride-to-be with love, she made the day extra special for all her maids by providing the perfect gift– and pool necessity, a PERSONALIZED swimsuit from Rah Rah Designs!!!!  We didn’t even know customized  suits existed before we were introduced to this cool brand– and now… can we monogram everything?!  Rah Rah Designs allows you to create your own look– choose your favorite color, suit design, and last but not least, your own personal monogram!  Check out what we all picked and try out this trend for yourself! :)

SFG Jackie, chose a pink and white ensemble and a script monogram with her initials across the white ruffle bandeau top!

SFG rah rah Jackie 3

SFG rah rah Jackie 2

SFG rah rah Jackie 1

Newlywed Lauren chose her signature navy blue bottoms and a blue lined tops with “Mrs” elegantly scripted across the chest–  hey, why not flaunt it?! ;)


And why not flaunt it with the cutest bouquet.




Valorie also went for pink threading on her white ruffled bandeau top, but chose a circle monogram design of her initials!

Rah Rah Swimsuit Personalized

Rah Rah Monogrammed swimsuit

Rah Rah Designs

What design will you get?!  Let us know and tag us on instagram to show us!


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