Dear Diary,

I’m a sentimental person, so I sometimes struggle with letting go of things… even if those things don’t necessarily have sentimental value.  I like to think that everything will come back in style, because I’ve found that my Glamma (“glamor” + “grandma”) has an amazing collection of clothes and accessories from every era.  The items sometimes smell of her stale basement and mildew, but it’s vintage fashion, by God, and I’ll wear it until I develop emphysema or a rare mysterious disease!  I don’t know if it’s that I want to be just like my Glamma, or if I’m in denial about being a hoarder.

So, it won’t surprise you that I have a lot of shoes.  It’s a fetish really.  However, my pocket book struggles to support it.  So in order to feel up with the trends and to fulfill my need to accessorize, I use DOUBLE SIDED TAPE.  It has multiple uses in Hollywood!  Not only can it keep you in place, it can also be used to jazz up your attire.  I’ve turned to it on numerous occasions to make my shoes feel new, fun, and fresh.  All you need is some ribbons, glitter, etc.


Apply the double-sided tape to the shoe wherever you see fit. (ie. crisscross across the toe, arch across the heel, run a strip down the stiletto, cover the entire toe, etc…)  Then cut the ribbons to fit and apply!

You can add a material flower, or sprinkle with glitter!  Have fun and get creative!  There are no mistakes, and you can always start over because the tape is removable!  It makes for a fun new look for an evening, but doesn’t have to be a permanent look unless you want it to be.


For another way to change up your heels check out: neon & nude


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  1. Abby says:

    Love this! Such a great post! Xo

    • Vrabie says:

      I check your site often, and it is good to see your posts. To me, that’s what is is all about that feeling you get when you help someone else. GOD BLESS. P.S. you are still a inspiration to me.

  2. Dores says:

    awesome blog! i liked your way of description.

  3. Jennifer Blanca Nuez says:

    Hello! I do really find your blog cute, amazing and helpful. I do love how you make twists especw your shoes projects. Right now, I do want to enhance my ordinary white peep toe shoes, to be turned into a nude a nude one. How do I make it? What kind of paint am I going to use (brand and kind), and what color am I going to look for?

    Your response to this query would be so hopeful, nude shoes are everywhere.
    Happy holidays!

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