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Dear Diary,

My husband was traveling last weekend, so it felt like the perfect time for a girl’s night in and some changes to the house! It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission, right? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and my in-laws are coming to visit. So making the guest room more inviting, is on my long to-do list. First things first, a new mattress.

Nothing is worse than staying at someone’s house and not being able to sleep because their bedding is so uncomfortable. That being said, our guestroom bed needs an update. However, going to a mattress store, hiring movers, and having them drop it off on Monday between 9am – 2PM, seems like climbing a mountain rather than a molehill.

So, I went to the place I usually look for solutions to life’s problems – Amazon. There is nothing better than putting an item in my shopping cart and having it delivered to my door. In two to three business days! It puts the lazy back into my Sundays. I thought mattress shopping was probably a little bit of a reach for Amazon…turns out I was wrong.

There are several to choose from, but the mattresses by Sleep Innovations caught my eye. High quality memory form, really good customer reviews and arrives in a box so it’s easy to move – by YOURSELF! Sleep Innovations had me at box…It’s so easy to #unpackgoodsleep.  You take the vacuumed sealed mattress out of the box, cut the plastic wrapping and it quickly opens up and turns into a full-fledged mattress. It’s so simple and the mattress is ready to use in a few hours..

Step 1                    Step 2                           Step 3                             Step 4

My words aren’t doing this box justice, here’s a video we made explaining how to #unpackgoodsleep!

And if you thought we were gleeful, we didn’t even come close to the trifecta dance number of the company’s official #unpackgoodsleep video…

We decided to have a girl’s sleepover and test this mattress out…This was my first time sleeping on memory form, but Valorie swears by it and I see why. It’s so comfortable and you easily fall into a deep sleep. Feeling rested and ready for that 7am cycle class!

PLUM Pretty sUGAR 5

Sleep is one of the most powerful tools against overeating and helping to regulate your metabolism. It’s also one of the best ways to recover from an intense workout. You could say we take our sleep pretty seriously!

If you are looking for a mattress let me save you the hassle and direct you to sleep innovations on amazon:

Or if you’re feeling lucky, head over to the Sleep Innovations Facebook page ( and enter to win one for FREE!

Good luck and for your sleep’s sake I hope you win!!!

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