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Tonight I’m hanging out with one of my favorite people– Sigi Gradwohl: actress, friend, & health guru.  The two of us have been conquering LA together the past four years; and through out our journey, we’ve laughed, danced, talked… talked some more (no one can talk about their feelings more than Sigi & I can :)), and grown… but through the ups & downs, we’ve become more and more accustomed to (and more knowledgeable of) the LA lifestyle.  What is the LA lifestyle you ask?  Well in a city where everyone’s a model, has a personal trainer and a life coach to boot… you tend to learn a great deal about nutrition!  In this crazy town, we’ve seen and heard it all… including the best tips for healthy living!

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When we both arrived to Los Angeles as two naive New Yorkers; the ways of yoga, barry’s bootcamp  & almond butter seemed like foreign entities– but have now become a part of our daily routine… While I seem to still be catching on to the trend, my bff Sigi is way ahead of the game!  She exudes beauty & health due to her dedication to clean living!  Now don’t get me wrong… the girl knows how to eat! (we’ve had many a late night pizza & ice cream girl chat session… check out our facebook pages for documentation :)) But Sigi has a key understanding of how to utilize healthy ingredients– including in my most favorite breakfast treat: the SMOOTHIE!

Tonight, instead of piggin out on some “girls night” junk food, Sigi is introducing me to one of her favorite home-made smoothies (yes, in her vitamix– the most sophisticated blender around)!  This recipe is so delicious/satisfying/healthy!  Have you ever had a smoothie at one of your favorite vegan cafes or juiceries?  Well this smoothie is just that!… but if you’re craving these terrific smoothies every day– this home recipe will save you tons!  It is a terrific alternative to my earthbar  and money robbing obsession!!!!



Smoothie for two:

2 scoops of Plant Fusion Protein Powder (chocolate or vanilla flavor)– this protein powder is vegan (no whey/dairy free)

2 tablespoons of Chocolate cacao powder– full of super antioxidants!  This concoction is raw cocoa beans– so healthy so don’t be shy!

2 good teaspoons of tocotrienol powder– this substance helps thicken and contains nutritious vitamins (no flavor added to smoothie, just great texture!)

1 teaspoon of mesquite– nutritious known super food (nature made)

1/2 teaspoon of Spirulina– a super strong bacterial powder (tastes bitter on it’s own but blends well into the smoothie!)  This is a high plant protein source!

1 cup of almond milk

1 cup of coconut milk or coconut water

1 tablespoon of hemp seeds– provides protein & omega fatty acids!

1 tablespoon of flax seeds– good for digestion

1 full banana or frozen banana (therefore no ice needed to chill the smoothie!)

1 teaspoon of macadamia nut oil– thickens & provides good omegas

1 scoop of raw almond butter (be generous!)

1/4 cup of raw walnuts!


Smoothie making can get messy!

A LOT of steps… I know!  But I’m telling you– it’s worth it!!!! Plus what do you expect?  We are in LALA foodie land!  But… if you’re feeling lazy– frozen banana, protein powder, almond butter, & almond milk will do :)


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