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Dear Diary,

My friends recently created an Instagram challenge under the hashtag #DailySoul – it’s a way for people to share images of what they love and makes them happy. It’s all about finding what truly makes you tick and feeds your soul. Being grateful and taking time to honor those things in your life, whether it’s coffee with friends, practicing yoga, cuddling with your dog, working in your community, etc…

Growing up, I always had a passion for being a part of my community and helping others. In sixth grade, when I was having a bit of a tantrum and may have demanded a trampoline and stated that I was a “deprived” child. My mom handed me an article about a local medical team that went to Romania to bring aid to orphans. I was absolutely horrified by the conditions they were “living” in and realized I was blessed beyond measure. It was in that moment, that my #DailySoul was born.

I was sitting by myself with a tear stained newspaper as I announced to an empty room, “I’m going to make a difference!” Looking back, I realize that the innocence of a child is precious because not only are they fearless, but oh so powerful. I didn’t even consider the obstacles I would face as an eleven-year-old starting a non-profit. I wouldn’t take no for an answer and I was determined to change the world. Our Helping Hearts team rolled candles and sold them for three years giving the proceeds to different organizations each year. I never felt scared of going after what it was that I wanted and I never thought I wouldn’t be able to help – I didn’t want to just close the paper and say, “that’s sad, but what can I really do?” I knew I had to take action and create change. It’s still one of my proudest accomplishments and it really shaped me into the woman I am today.


A little throwback picture I found of us posing with our homemade candles. haha

(My business partner {bottom right}, Arielle Ring, and me.)

As you get older it’s easy to forget your #DailySoul and get caught up in the #DailyGrind. After moving out to Los Angeles, I was missing something but couldn’t figure it out until I met three incredible women working at a catering gig. We all were talking about wanting to volunteer over the holidays, but struggled in finding an organization. Why not just start our own? That’s just what we did. SoCal HeARTs was born!


We’ve done a Holiday Party and Back to School Backpack Drive for the past three years and did our first summer camp last year. This summer, we’ve partnered up with Camp TLC again for our 2nd Annual Summer Camp. Last year was amazing and we have continued to expand to more than 100 kids! We offer dance, music, rec/sports, arts/crafts, photography, and theater. I can’t wait to see all my little babies adorable faces again!

Please check out a portion of what happened at camp last year and watch this video directed by Geoff Browne and edited by Zach Mann.

SoCal HeARTs – “Camp T.L.C. 2012″ from SoCal HeARTs on Vimeo.


Please help us put on Kid’s Camp and DONATE at, you have no idea how much it would mean to me and our little kiddos!


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  1. Karen Dahl Darling says:

    I am so moved and inspired every time I read about the wonderful things happening in SoCal HeARTS outreach programs. Everyone benefits when we all feel loved, special and important! Please read about and support this amazing non profit!

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