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Dear Diary,

When our friend and fabulous jewelry designer, Irina Victoria, introduced us to her new collection of stamp necklaces… we were immediately blown away.  Not only by the delicate and chic design, but by the powerful messages each stamp entails and the great impact a small message can do.  Mantras are a great reminder to each of us… they can act as a guide for your attitude and goals every day.  Through out your life, these small mantras can serve you… as well as those around you– and these stamp necklaces tend to get attention every where we go.  :)

What makes these designs even more spectacular is that through the purchase of one of these necklaces… you’ll also be helping endangered animals throughout the world!  The pieces are inspired by wildlife and were created to support ongoing efforts to help save endangered species and threatened ecosystems. 50% of proceeds from each sale of the Do Good/Be Kind/ Live As One necklace will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN)!

Who is WCN, you ask?  Great question SFG’s!  WCN is a highly regarded U.S.-based charity whose mission is to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats by supporting entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. Care to learn more? Visit their website

Check out which pieces from the collection we chose below…

lauren sfg necklace 2

Lauren is sporting the “be kind” necklace in gold…

lauren sfg necklace 1

val sfg necklace 2

Val is rocking the” do good” in gold as well… these blondes were made for gold metallics, weren’t they? :)

val sfg necklace 1

jackie sfg necklace 1

And last but not least, Jackie is changing it up with the “live as one” stamp in silver!

jackie sfg necklace 2

we get to look stylish and do something good too?!  that’s what we call good karma :)

check out our other post on this talented jewelry designer here… and make sure to check out her site to buy one of these necklaces for yourself :)


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