Summer, all over…


Dear Diary,

With just three weeks left of official summer, you may be getting tired of your once new summer purchases. However, with LA’s heat wave still in full effect summer days aren’t ending anytime soon. But no way will I be splurging this late in the year on a new swimsuit. This is when a fun DIY project comes into play! Have any jewelry laying around that’s broken, but you never seem to get around to fixing it? This is the perfect time to put it to use! Remember my fringe bikini tutorial? Get ready for some more inspiration…


Whether it’s sewing jewels on, draping bracelets or necklaces from your hips, or buttons/shells around the seams… Go wild, get creative!

Change the shape!


 This bracelet was from my Glamma, but the clasp was broken :( I thought using one of the medallions as a center piece would be a cool way to secure my triangle top together. For all you smaller chested ladies, bikini tops that are secured in the center help add some umph shall we say :)

1. Using pliers, separate your jewels so that you can work with just one section at a time.

2. Take your needle and thread and sew the edges of the medallion (through the holes that used to have metal connectors) to your suit.

3. (Optional) Sew the additional pieces to the sides of your bikini bottoms.

Add some pizazz!


This metallic circular section broke off one of my necklaces, and it matched the gold so well I thought why not try adding it? Not sure it’s very practical, but could be fun for the right poolside situation. Vegas, anyone?

1. Using pliers open the metal connecting clasp.

2. Put the clasp around the desired piece and your suit.

3. Clamp the connecting circle down so that the addition is completely secure.

Pucker up!


 Saggy bottoms? No one wants to leave the pool looking like their bottoms are going to fall off or have the diaper effect. Eww. This ruched bottom has been very popular and is an easy fix for any stretched out material.

1. Draw a three inch chalk line down the center of the inside of your bikini bottoms.

2. Take your needle and matching colored thread and make a “running stitch” down the chalk line.

3. Pull the stitches tight to create the ruched look and secure on the inside.

4. The bikini should give you a slight wedgie effect. That’s the trend y’all! haha.

Now get back out there! Here’s to an ENDLESS SUMMER!


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  1. Dale Janee says:

    I love this post and there have been so many times I’ve wanted jeweled bikinis and would never think to do a DIY. The rouching idea for stretched out ones is so perfect too



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