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Dear Diary,

Fashion can be like music… It can take you back to a time and place in an instant. No one ever forgets what they wore to the prom, or the dress that ended up being glow-in-the-dark. (That only happen to me?!) Wearing something you feel amazing in can make the event you’re attending even more memorable!

We’re only halfway through wedding season and I’m already over my go-to wedding attire selections. And if you’re anything like me, you never want to be pictured in the same thing twice (Oh heavens, no!). But the reality is, I’m on a budget and I’m at a max with using my friend’s closets as my own.

So for special events, I’m constantly trying to get creative and rework pieces already in my closet so I’m excited about what I’m wearing and it feels new (sometimes that means Febrezing it a couple extra times…). Occasionally I’m successful at this, but mostly I just end up looking homeless. The struggle is real.

Enter The Stylist LA. Your dreams just came true! This is a fashion house that rents out their designer pieces and styles you for every occasion. Their dresses, rompers, etc… are perfect for anything from a casual brunch with the girls to a red carpet event. If you’re in LA and want to try everything on in person, you can visit their studio in Mar Vista or just directly from online.

Here are a couple of our selects from The Stylist LA for both day and night events…

Brunch/Cocktail Party/Daytime Event/Wedding

(See below options)


Evening Event/Red Carpet/Beach or Black Tie Wedding

(See below options)



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