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Dear Diary,

It is my birthday week! Whoop wooo!  Sorry to burst any non-August birthdays out there, but August birthdays are simply the best!  I might be slightly biased, but think about it… August has gorgeous weather and relaxed vibes; the perfect backdrop for a festive atmosphere.   This  year I’m keeping it more low-key though, no crazy parties or epic getaways– just me, family, friends, and of course good food.  I’m meeting up with friends all week to celebrate, and there will be plenty of pretty cocktails and indulgent dishes… a few close girlfriends are coming over tomorrow night, and one sweet dessert I have up my sleeve to please the crowd is an easy no-bake Brownie Treat!  It’s only a few simple, all natural ingredients that comes together in a snap!  It’s fudge perfection!

no bake brownies


  • in a mixing bowl combine 1/2 cup of cacao powder with 1/4 cup of honey and 2 tbsp of coconut oil
  • combine until it is a thick fudge-like texture
  • then smash up 1 banana and add to the mixture– it should appear even more glossy and fudge-like when fully combined
  • to this mixture add 2 tbsp of peanut butter (I went for crunchy)
  • Next, taste test.  If you like, add another sprinkle of cacao for an even more indulgent chocolate flavor
  • Optional:   add flax seeds for fiber, crunch and anti-oxidants (about 1 tbsp)
  • Lastly– in a parchment lined container (for easy removal), scoop and mold in brownie mixture
  • sprinkle on top: organic dark chocolate chips and crushed almonds
  • place in freezer for at least an hour

vegan brownie

Enjoy!!  Whether it’s a birthday treat or just a girls night in treat– we’ve got you covered with this easy and delicious recipe!  What’s your birthday plans this year?!  Let us know!

A Wild Rumpus… {1st Birthday Party!}


Dear Diary,

I can not believe my college bestie’s baby is already ONE! I feel like a proud and very old auntie. You might remember his Little Man baby shower from last year. Well, just wait for his first birthday bash – it’s definitely one of my favorites! Inspired by the book, Where The Wild Things Are, this celebration was just the cutest.

The invite (modified) was made in Photoshop and backed/lined with pages from the actual book.

Where the Wild Things Are - Invite

“Inside all of us is HOPE.

Inside all of us is FEAR.

Inside all of us is ADVENTURE.

Inside all of us is…A WILD THING.”

 – Where the Wild Things Are 

Where The Wild Things Are - Sign

Crowns compliments of Burger King, then spray-painted gold.

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme

Erin, (Lincoln’s Momma) dressed him in the sweetest “Max” costume.

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Costume

We created a jungle feel for the backdrop of the food table. Using streamers, tissue paper, cut-out leaves, and pom pons.



A mossy grass lined the counter tops to add to the forest effect. We used Christmas tree stumps as a base for pitchers, the cupcakes, and food. These can be purchased at most craft stores, however, we of course weren’t about to pay for them! We scoured the local tree farms for clippings and loaded our car up. Our fingers are still unthawing…

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Decor 4

Metallic paper straws to sip from and framed pages from the book around the room.

We cut out several number 1s and crowns as a theme to place throughout the party decor.


Overturning different sized Tupperware helped to create different levels on the table. We then covered the Tupperware with a sheet of burlap, placed thinly sliced tree stumps as platters on the burlap covered Tupperware and lined the bases with tree branches and lots and lots of cupcakes!

Where The Wilde Things Are - Theme Cupcakes

Our talented friend Mandy made THE most adorable cupcakes OF ALL TIME! She seriously needs her own bakery!

Fondant monsters, crowns, and jungle cupcakes!!


With a CROWN smash cake!


PB & J sandwiches shaped with a crown cookie cutter.

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Food Table

Monster mouths! Apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallow teeth.


Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Sweets Table - Cupcakes

Where The Wild Things Are - baby MAX Costume

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme Decor

Tissue paper crowns for guests. (They sorta looked like I made them out of toilet seat covers. Oops. I didn’t though!)

Where The Wild Things Are - Paper Crowns

This incredible sailboat was constructed by Lincoln’s MacGyver-father, Jesse.  All the kiddos played in it…it was precious.

Where the Wild things Are - baby boat

Cute Costume

Lincoln’s little baby friends!

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Boat

The lil man of the hour…


 I made his crown out of faux-leather. Since it was a heavier weight material I decided to do two layers (which was also fun and different from anything I’ve seen…) for added support. I painted the back layer in an ombre fashion – copper tips to graphite gold. The front layer was more of a yellowish gold. I sewed them together at the base and added velcro on the back for a proper fit.

Where the Wilde Things Are - costume


Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Cake Smash Set Up

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Cake Smash Set Up 2


He made the baby sign for “all done” after this… (It’s too much cuteness for me to handle, I die every time.)

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Cake Smash 2

And then he decided he needed more and RAN back!!

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Cake Smash


The damage. #bluetonguebaby

Where The Wild Things Are - Birthday - Thank Yous - Cookies

Party favor monster cookies!

We made these out of blue cake-mix (The trick is you leave out the water and it makes cookies instead of cake! Typically it’s cake mix, two eggs and 1/3 cup vegetable oil mixed together and rolled into cookies. Then bake for 8-10 minutes).

Lincoln Birthday - Where the Wild Things Are Theme - Decor & Thank Yous

The doorway mobile is made out of paint chip samples (Learn how in my DIY Bachelorette post! Plus, they’re free! You just feel like a criminal smuggling out stacks of paint samples…) cut into different shapes, mixed with cut out crowns, #1s, and all sewn together with a sewing machine. Use the excess string on the end to hang it.

Where the Wild Things Are - Costume

“Oh please don’t go! I’ll eat you up, I love you so!”

- Where the Wild Things Are




Photos by: Valorie Darling Photography



Celery Sticks!


Dear Diary,

I’m an eater.  Like human-garbage-disposal-style eater!  I tend to clean my plate, then turn to the diner next to me and ask, “Are you going to finish that?” in the hopes of scoring a few extra bites.  Growing up, my family – specifically my Glamma – was concerned that I was going to be overweight.  She said a lady always leaves something on her plate, and I never wanted to disappoint her, so I always did…MY FORK!

I can honestly say there are very few foods I don’t enjoy.  I just love all foods!  Then there’s CELERY.  Vomit…I hate celery.  From its non-existant taste, to its stringy texture.  I wish I was one of those healthy snackers and could grab a zero calorie stick, but even after lathering it in peanut butter and M&Ms, I can’t disguise that it’s still celery.

Since I don’t like to discriminate, I thought why not at least play with the food I don’t want to consume.  Enter: CELERY STAMPS!



*Celery stock


*Paint & brush

*Card stock




1. Cut the celery about 2-3 inches from it’s base (cross-section should look like a flower)

2. Paint the newly-exposed area (“flower”) of the cut celery

3. Press it down on the card stock

4. (Optional) Wait for it to dry, and then add a message

Voila! Homemade cards for all occasions!

So I guess I do like ALL foods.  Celery isn’t so bad…

Xo – SFG Valorie

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