Chocolate Makes Everything Better!


Dear Diary,

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

When I was single this Hallmark holiday was a real bummer, until I discovered chocolate. It makes everything better; from apples to peanuts, when chocolate is involved you are #winning. It’s become a tradition for me to DIY white chocolate covered pretzels on this love – ly day. Why? because is there anything better than this combination??! Save the box of chocolates, if I’m going to indulge I prefer these tiny bits of heaven.

I remember the first time I DIY-ed white chocolate pretzels, it was everything; From the double broiler to the discovering there was a type of chocolate made just for this sort of thing. Obviously, this is not a normal monthly occurrence, but I believe there are times you should enjoy life and this treat is something I consider a life experience everyone must have! This also doubles as a great gift idea. It’s easy to make, inexpensive and will thoroughly be enjoyed.



But wait there’s more…I had a leftover white chocolate this year. So I decided to make a Valentine’s Chex mix with everything that sounds delightful to a seven year old child; freshly made popcorn, Chex Cereal, peanuts, pretzels and M&M’s(the valentine’s themed ones). I mixed all these ingredients together and drizzled white chocolate over them. Ummm, yessss please!


For those of my closest friends the notion of me eating the above is pretty outlandish, but there’s a time for celery and there is a time to enjoy life – I believe this holiday is about the latter.

Here’s what you need:

1. 2 bags of Ghirardelli Candy Making & Dipping White Chocolate 12-ounces

2. Double-Broiler & parchment paper

3. Pretzels

4. Peanuts

5. Popcorn

6. Chex Mix

7. M&M’s

8. Pink and Red Sprinkles

9. Parchment Paper

For chocolate covered pretzels: 1st place the double broiler on low – medium heat with water in the bottom and chocolate on the top. Also cover a plate with  parchment paper. This is where you are going to put the pretzels after dipping. Wait till the chocolate starts to melt, you want the water to be warm, not boiling so the chocolate doesn’t burn. Then carefully, dip the pretzel into the chocolate, until it has the right amount of chocolate on it and place on the parchment covered plate. Sprinkle with sprinkles or colored sugar, repeat until you have more than enough and wait for them to cool. You can also place in the fridge for 10 minutes to harden.

For the Valentines’ Day Chex Mix: mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl; Peanuts, popcorn, Chex Mix Cereal, m&m’s and pretzels. Then spread out on a clean baking sheet, then similar to the pretzels, melt the chocolate down in a double broiler. When the chocolate is creamy, take a spoon and scoop. Generously drizzle over the mix on the cooking sheet. You can add some colored sugar as well before the chocolate hardens. Wait for the chocolate to harden and serve in a big bowl or portion off for gifts. Last, but not least enjoy!!!



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