The Stylist LA for Valentine’s Day!


Dear Diary,

Anyone one else feel like they have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?! Seriously struggling over what dress to wear to what, spending money on things I know I’m only going to wear once- we’re all guilty. But, it’s safe to say my life has changed and for the better! You know what I’m talking about, right? The Stylist LA! It’s infinitely expanded my closet; all I have to do is choose a dress for my event, rent it, and I look good and so does my wallet!

Not sure what to wear for Valentine’s Day?! Check out these adorable styles for the spring- We know what we’ll be sporting…



Dress: Asilio

Jacket: Trina Turk // Similar (budget): Romwe // Similar (splurge): DVF

Shoes: Steve Madden

Shades: Amazon


Dress: Karina Grimaldi

Jacket: Similar here

Shoes: Forever 21 // Similar: Just Fab

Shades: Amazon




Dress: The Jet Set Diaries


The Stylist LA for Valentine’s Day!


Summer Wedding Fashion


Dear Diary,

Fashion can be like music… It can take you back to a time and place in an instant. No one ever forgets what they wore to the prom, or the dress that ended up being glow-in-the-dark. (That only happen to me?!) Wearing something you feel amazing in can make the event you’re attending even more memorable!

We’re only halfway through wedding season and I’m already over my go-to wedding attire selections. And if you’re anything like me, you never want to be pictured in the same thing twice (Oh heavens, no!). But the reality is, I’m on a budget and I’m at a max with using my friend’s closets as my own.

So for special events, I’m constantly trying to get creative and rework pieces already in my closet so I’m excited about what I’m wearing and it feels new (sometimes that means Febrezing it a couple extra times…). Occasionally I’m successful at this, but mostly I just end up looking homeless. The struggle is real.

Enter The Stylist LA. Your dreams just came true! This is a fashion house that rents out their designer pieces and styles you for every occasion. Their dresses, rompers, etc… are perfect for anything from a casual brunch with the girls to a red carpet event. If you’re in LA and want to try everything on in person, you can visit their studio in Mar Vista or just directly from online.

Here are a couple of our selects from The Stylist LA for both day and night events…

Brunch/Cocktail Party/Daytime Event/Wedding

(See below options)


Evening Event/Red Carpet/Beach or Black Tie Wedding

(See below options)



Red, White & Blue…!


Dear Diary,

Happy 4th of July!!! It’s a day to celebrate America and we felt like a photo shoot to celebrate the red, white and blue was in order. It’s all about 4th of July Fashion on the blog today. While, we have some suggestions for things to wear. We also want to pay tribute to America’s Birthday with some sweet treats. Our strawberry shortcake recipe or granola parfait are perfect items to bring to any party and are oh, so festive! C’mon America deserves some sweets for turning 239 years old.

Hopefully, you are barbequing today and indulging in some adult beverages. We, at SFG, could use a few or seven if you want to be exact. Let’s us know your fashion picks for the summer. XO


Lauren is wearing an Anthropology skirt, a Free People Top. Perfect for daytime soirees, where you don’t know everyone, but want to be comfortable and look like you aren’t trying too hard :) . Jackie is wearing a fitted red dress from Unique Vintage, a perfect dress to go from day to night. Valorie, is wearing a chic floral dress  from BCBG that’s great for a cook out, paired with ankle boots and a Janessa Leone hat.


Standing up4Y5A66194Y5A6665Signature

Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.14.54 PM

Dear Diary,

It’s that time of year again! Time to spoil Momma! You know she deserves it so check out some of our ideas to make her feel special all for under $100!


Blooming Garden Candle


Recipe Box

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.29.04 PM

Gray Infinity Scarf (on sale!)


Palm Shopper Basket

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 7.59.53 PM

Colorful Clutch


Art Print – Her FAV City!


Craft Book

Have any other ideas for us? Leave them in the comments below…


New Year’s Eve: The LBD Three Ways


Dear Diary,

We were featured on Lauren Conrad again and we thought it was the perfect time for an LBD feature throw back. New Year’s Eve is almost here and that’s means we are all in a frenzy to find the perfect dress. It’s that one time of the year, no one should judge you for drinking out of champagne bottles and dancing on tables. So let it go, but first let’s find that perfect dress to have an epic dance party in…

We, three girls, behind the SFG Diary all have different bodies, interests, and styles. It’s taken some trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, we can’t all rock billowy tops or white pants, but we are learning that’s OK. The most important thing to remember is to have confidence in yourself. Sometimes, that starts with feeling great about what you are wearing. There is one item we can all rely on to make us feel confident in a pinch, especially New Year’s Eve: the little black dress…

SFG Diary // Little Black Dress How To for Lauren Conrad

The options are endless.

Nowadays, fashion offers more flattering LBDs than ever, with styles that incorporate color-blocking, fit-n-flares and A-lines. These little details can really help whittle down your waist and play up your assets. And when the dress isn’t enough, we’ve got a couple tricks to make it your best look.

Make a statement.

Valorie, pictured left, refreshed the all black LBD with accessories. We are obsessed with statement necklaces, and Valorie took it one step further by twisting two necklaces together to make a one-of-a-kind piece. This is an inexpensive way to jazz up your dress and make your necklace collection fun again.

Jazz it up.

Jackie, pictured center, opted for a bright red lip and a color-blocked dress. The pop of color against her pale skin really makes her lip take center stage. She has a curvier frame, with a shorter torso and legs for days. We found that pairing an accessory that matches the color blocking (the blue ring, in this case) helps to elongate her frame and draw to her well-defined shoulders. Also, you can take some liberty with your shoe choices: gold toed, strappy black and studded! Oh my!

Pump up the volume.

When we say pump up the volume, we are referring to your hair! We once worked on a set where the mantra was, “The bigger your hair, the smaller your waist.” Lauren, pictured right, went for the big hair look and chose a color-blocked dress to slim her frame. She has an athletic build, so color-blocking on both the top and bottom makes her look leaner.

Sometimes all it takes re-accessorizing what you already have to make the perfect outfit debut, however if you are in a splurge worthy mood check out a few of our favorite LBD’s this season!



Photos: Sam Zachrich 



Fashion For the Heat Wave…


Dear Diary,

My Nordstrom’s shopping cart was all set for checkout: tall boots, chic jackets and wool knee highs.  But then, whoooaaa…Mother Nature seems to have another vision for California’s “fall” with a 100 degree heat wave. While working yesterday, I felt the high temperature slowly drain my personality, till I became an empty shell of life searching for the nearest air-conditioned shelter. I’d be in the middle of doing something, forget my current task and see large bodies of lake in my horizon. Things got weird.

So today, I thought I would better prepare myself for the weather and go with a dress that allowed a lot air flow. Oh hey cut-outs, hey! Cut-outs seem frightening, but they actually break up monochromatic dresses – like the one I’m wearing below  – accentuating curves and making your waist appear smaller.Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 07

I’m obsessed with L’Space Maxi’s because they are extremely long. Being 5’11, finding dresses that are long enough can be a real challenge! Best part I can even wear heels.  Judging from the picture below, I’m actually a little shocked myself.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 05

This weekend should have prepared me for the week ahead, we were up North for Lauren Conrad’s wedding and rented a house. This said house, didn’t have air conditioning. This “mistake” will never be made again in my life, especially when trying to create sleek hair. In the end, my curls won out after I started to feel light-headed while trying to blow dry my hair in the bathroom.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 06

Back to the fashion at hand…the heat makes me ramble… Halter maxi dresses that are more flattering for your chest and highlight your shoulders…When a heat wave, go with the fashion that makes you look great while “glowing.” :)

Skinny Fat Girl Diary - LSpace Navy Maxi - Mr C hotel - 19

I also found Jackie’s coconut coffee float recipe to be a life saver… Any other cool down tips, let us know. Today is going to be a hot one…

Maxi Dress: L*Space


Job Bliss


Dear Diary,

After another overwhelming week with too many late nights editing, my Momma reminded me of a time in 2nd grade when she came to pick me up and I was sitting on the curb crying. She asked me what was wrong, and all I could get out was, “there’s just not enough time.” She didn’t understand what I was talking about, so I said, “I want to be a surgeon and do nails!” (My class was asked to decide what we wanted to be when we grew up.) I was so distraught at the thought of not being able to do everything. Being all of seven, I already knew I had a lot of “passions” and didn’t like the idea of being told I could only do or be one thing. By the way, I still don’t…

Soooo I never became a brain surgeon or a nail tech, but I still maintain that same desire to do it all. Which keeps me up to 4AM most nights. To me, “Skinny Fat” is representative of trying to have it all… a great body and the ability to eat the entire Cheesecake Factory menu (our solution: create hearty recipes that satisfy, but substitute in healthy ingredients)… buy the expensive purse, but stay on a budget (DIY that sh*t), be successful in your career, but have an amazing social life (make time for yourself!)… I have yet to meet a doctor/beautician, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist… I moved to LA determined to “make it” as an actor and dancer and had every side job imaginable, all at once, for several years. I most recently took my favorite passion and turned it into a career as a wedding photographer. With a hint of blogging, Adidas, acting, and working for my charity SoCal HeARTs on the side, of course. So as much as I feel focused on my photography, I’m still pulled in several directions.

We recently discovered the Tiny Devotions brand, which is a company that sells beautiful products with a statement. “The Tiny Devotions girl is free spirited and connected, but is also driven to leave her mark on the world while turning heads as she does it. She creates her own path, sets daring goals, always follows her intuition and does not sweat the small things.” (Something I’m still working on…)

With the chaos of wedding season, I sometimes need a reminder to stay calm and focused. This scarf does that for me. As I rock their colorful threads, I’m reminded to keep things in perspective, live my bliss and be thankful for having the opportunity to do what I love most. (Even in my most stressful moments I know I’m lucky!)

Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 077.jpg
Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 060.jpg

Summer is typically hotter than Hades, but Southern California summer evenings actually tend to get pretty chilly. So in the spirit of keeping it light and summer-ish, I choose white jeans and a bright/light colored top. (I hate that Labor Day is almost here, and, technically, I’m supposed to retire my white apparel until Memorial Day next year… I will wear them everyday until then!)
Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 071.jpg

Jeans: Seven // Scarf: Tiny Devotions // Shirt: Maison Scotch // Shoes: Steve Madden (free shipping on $50+ orders right now!) // Purse: Handbag Butler (Psst… It secretly charges your phone! Thanks, Martha!) // Bangle: Stella + Dot

Jackie’s Take on Summertime Scarves



Dear Diary,

As I struggle this summer to find a job, I also continue the struggle to find balance in my life– social work, acting, family, friends, blogging– I’m constantly being pulled in 15 different directions and somehow I’m supposed to find the BALANCE!?  SFG’s… I know you can relate!  The term balance is often used loosely by a lot of people but it seems so important nonetheless– us ladies do it all, and somehow we all like to pretend that’s easy!  Balance is meant to suggest that we’re able to juggle everything at once, but seriously it’s NOT possible.  Life nowadays is too hectic– but for some reason we keep on trying!

We all know that cooking is one way that I try to find my zen, but another is through yoga.  I am an ultimate yogi– no that doesn’t mean I can meditate in a headstand or make every yoga position look easy, but what it does means is I go regularly, sweat A LOT (a lot may be an understatement), and practice yoga not just for the awesome work out.  I go to focus on nothing… but my breath.  Yup, that’s right!  I go to regain that “balance” that is so often missing in my every day life, and reconnect to myself for just a moment during my day.  As I struggle to complete the class (usually by the 10th chaturanga I’m ready to pack up and completely quit this whole “yoga-thing”), I try to remember that just like in life… perfection is not the goal!  Life (and yoga) is about focusing on the moment, taking each day in and trying to find what’s meaningful and purposeful for your right then and there!  If I start my day off with a yoga class, I feel rocketed into the day!  I not only know that I did something healthy for my body, but I did something healthy for my mind and spirit!  I feel confident and excited to start the day… and I’m no longer dragging my feet, anxious about the next thing that I have to do.



We came across tiny devotions online and I immediately felt that I had found a kindred spirit in their message and brand… not to mention in their style ;)  hah… I’m all about the bohemian look… it’s sexy, laid-back and looks fabulously effortless.  So when I saw their “hipster scarf”– it was love at first sight!  This scarf makes me feel like I can conquer anything, and not to mention look pretty chic doing it… hey, it even makes my yoga pants look inspired!

All the things that I have to do… work, blog, friends, family… they’re not going away– and I wouldn’t want them to!  I’m devoted to it all… just like my yoga practice!  It’s the only way I’ll stay sane… :)



A day at Sea…


Dear Diary,

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, not only because it’s a day off from work but everyone is feeling extra patriotic and most events involve the American flag, BBQ and refreshing beverages! My 4th was no different… A day of sailing definitely felt appropriate and I got to wear my new favorite dress from L*Space! I sorta resemble America right?!

Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 094.jpg
Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 091.jpg
Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 096.jpg
Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 117.jpg

Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 110.jpg

Nautical_Scarf_Girl_Summer_Fashion - 102.jpg

Dress: L*Space // Shades: Chili Beans // Shoes: Steve Madden


Travel + All-American Fashion


Dear Diary,

Travel is one of my biggest passions and is extremely important to me. I always try to plan one big trip out of the country a year. In the past couple years I’ve visited Turkey, Greece, Australia and Thailand! However, last summer we had to put any additional travel plans on hold since we had 12 weddings to attend. Yep, you heard me right! TWELVE. In ONE Summer. So this year, we decided to block off a couple weeks and make it happen! I’m ecstatic to announce we’re headed to Peru! I’ve never been to South America and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve been and have any tips or recommendations for me, please leave a comment :)

Just because we didn’t leave the country last year doesn’t mean we didn’t see cool places and have some incredible experiences though… Last Fourth of July we made our way up to the Pacific Northwest for a festive wedding on the water. We were able to make our wedding weekend also feel like a vacation by exploring the city and taking an out of the box route…

A day in Seattle…

Seattle Public Market

Yep, that’s the very original Starbucks! Sorry for the blocked shot, that just shows how much of a tourist attraction it is. Move over! This SFG needs her caffeine!

Original Starbucks Seattle

We had to check out Pike Place Market!


Pike Place Market

I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to Free Willy!


Then we were off to Orcas Island for the wedding! To get to Orcas Island you can either take a float plane or ride the ferry boat. We got a little crazy and decided to take the float plane! Heeeecccck yes! I’m so glad we did because it was unlike anything I’ve ever done! Plus, security was a breeze so now I’m forever spoiled…

Float Plane - Seattle Washington

We flew Kenmore Air and I put together a little video for you to check out. When we headed home we were able to circle the Space Needle and land on Lake Washington! It was the most gorgeous day and everyone was out on the water boating and paddle boarding celebrating the beautiful weather. Seattle’s good days are pretty epic! Wouldn’t you be happy if you were finally seeing the sun after 9 months of torrential downpour?!


With the wedding being on a holiday weekend I felt the need to be patriotic and bust out some red, white + blue. And why not be a little daring?! To celebrate our Independence Day I got bold and opted for this flirty cut-out dress with an accordion skirt. I rented it from Rent The Runway so I was able to have an awesome designer look without breaking the bank!

Fourth of July Dress

Red White Blue Dress - Fourth of July fashion

Fourth of July - Independence Day Fashion

$20 off with this Sign Up CODE!

BCBG MaxAzria Cut out Dress | My Fourth of July Favorites



Rain Dance


Dear Diary,

My biggest pet peeve is having the bottom of my jeans wet – in Oregon that’s inevitable. I grew up in the Pacific NW, and am no stranger to feeling like a drowned rat 80% of the time. There was nothing worse to me than walking across campus and sitting in classes all day with soggy jeans and squishy toes! Yuck. Why I didn’t own an umbrella is beyond me. Not that it would have helped the situation much…

Living in Los Angeles we don’t get too much weather and definitely don’t have seasons, which I sometimes miss. Who am I kidding, summer in February is pretty awesome! However, we are in a major drought right now. So in order to help sunny California’s cause, I thought I’d bring out my rain jacket/trench coat for a traditional rain dance!


I love jackets with flirty accents like this one from Anthropologie! Thanks, Martha!


Kiss summer goodbye LA. I’m bringing the rain! (But only for a day or two please.)

Val Kisses

My favorite jackets at the moment…

TrenchDKNY DKNY2annekleinFreePeopleJacket

Jones NY Trench // DKNY Leather Trim // DKNY Hooded Wool // Anne Klein //Free People


Valentine’s [be mine] DANCE Party!



Dear Diary,

Happy Valentine’s Day to our lovely readers! We heart you all! Make sure to kick up your heels and dance today! Not only is it a great way to get your heart rate up, you can’t help but feel happy!


SFG - Valentine's Dance Party - Sam Zachrich + Dolly Pratt 2

SFG - Valentine's Dance Party - Sam Zachrich + Dolly Pratt 4

This dance party is exhausting…look like it’s time for a snack break!

SFG - Snacks and Dance Party - Sam Zachrich + Dolly Pratt

On fun occasions like these eat some sugar baby! We might have gone just a tad overboard…but enjoy yourself!

SFG Healthy snacks! Skinny Pop + Pretzel Thins! {Sam Zachrich + Dolly Pratt}

But also make sure to throw in some healthy snacks too… Skinny Pop and Pretzel Thins were our munchies of choice! So tasty and at only 35 calories per serving there’s a lot to dance about!

SFG - Valentine's Dance Party - Sam Zachrich + Dolly Pratt 8

We had the most fun putting this shoot together with our insanely talented friends and team!

WE LOVE YOU! Thank you!

{Photography: Sam Zachrich // Styling: Dolly Pratt // Hair + Makeup: Marlana Carter}


Fun with FILM



Dear Diary,

As most of you know I’m a photographer. I smile every time I say that :)

I love natural light, vibrant colors, and absolutely live for magic hour (the last hour before the sun sets…perfection)! I’m a Canon girl and hopelessly in LOVE with my 5D Mark III, but I’ve always loved the rawness and authenticity that film brings. Something about the soft blur quality that true film grain has just speaks to my heart. Each click of the button is more carefully chosen with strong intention and thought.

Val Hat 7

Val Hat 6

Val Hat 2

I’ve been wanting to get back to the basics recently and had a fun day exploring with my Dad’s old Minolta film camera. With it’s age brings a sort of built in, pre-fixed filter if you will. It’s a gem for sure.

Val Hat 3

Val Hat

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving; 

What you have caught on film is captured forever…it remembers little things,

long after you have forgotten everything.” -Aaron Siskind

Val Hat 9

Capelli Infinity Scarf (similar) // American Apparel Felt Hat // Citizens of Humanity Jeans // Steve Madden Suede Booties





Dear Diary,

I bought a new “little black dress” over the holidays but had no where to wear it to… until I was invited to my first runway fashion show for Charity–this was a no brainer, YES PLEASE!  Finally, a reason to strike a pose!


 It was quite a happening Saturday Night in Hollywood… I was invited by my friend, the amazing photographer Sam Zachrich, (who is also responsible for these beauty look book photos of the line, thank you Sam ;)) and it was a perfect excuse for a girls night out.  RAYAN is a bold fashion line created by Los Angeles based designers and philanthropists Nadia & Nora.


Their vision is to create beautiful and elegant long-sleeved evening wear, appropriate for the modern yet modest Muslim woman.  Their styles are reminiscent of classic Hollywood, and I have to say, I cannot wait for an excuse to wear one of these dresses soon!!! what do you think?









these are stunning!  And seeing the way the fabrics move on the runway was beautiful!  Here are some highlights from our night…


Me & Sam enjoying the festivities…


the beautiful models strutting their stuff…


I love this boat neckline!




the fun and young fashion crowd before taking our seats :)


What an amazing night… can’t wait until the next one! Another excuse to wear my LBD…


I LOVE this dress… it’s simple, chic, flattering and very sexy… want the look?  Find the dress at Zara & the support at Nordstroms




Dear Diary,

Just because I’m spending new years in a cabin in the middle of the woods of Tennessee… doesn’t mean I can’t look good, right?  Exactly… this new years I wanted to go with a stylish but comfortable look… instead of buying something new, I decided to recycle some of my favorite pieces from through out 2013 to ring in 2014!


I started by recycling a dress from free people winter 2013 collection…

then I added a chic trina turk norstrom coat to keep me warm…

SFG NYE - nashville style

 my mom’s vintage fendi purse is the perfect accent to any outfit… (shop for your own vintage fendi’s at

SFG NYE - free people dress - urban outfitters tights

and funky bird stockings from urban outfitters & a bold gold necklace from a local Nashville jeweler adds extra holiday sparkle (okay, I had to buy something new for the holiday ;))


OH! And I cannot forget delicate rings & mid rings to match!


This is what I’m wearing to bring in 2014!  Bringin’ a little of NY & LA to Nashville… while taking some of Nashville’s best back home with me… How about you?!  Share your favorite holiday looks with us on SFG facebook


 happy new year SFGs!

Skinny Fat Girl Diary