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healthy SFG pasta

Dear Diary,

I am a pasta fanatic… I have it for dinner at least twice a week, if not more, and I’m not ashamed! That’s because my pasta is always healthy, full of greens and protein, and completely satisfying.  In my opinion, pasta has a horrible rep– it’s always associated with buttery sauces and tons of unnecessary carbs, but it doesn’t have to be.  Here are some tips to make pasta your favorite, and healthiest meal of the week!

SFG DIARY pasta made healthy

1.  Choose the Right Pasta

I use Jovial Organic 100% whole wheat pasta– Jovial is minimally processed, has few ingredients, and is full of protein but low in carbs.  It doesn’t get better than that people!  It’s also all about moderation… pay attention to the serving amount on the box, and stick to it.  (Okay, to be honest, sticking to the serving amount is tough for me… but I’m working on it ;))

2.  Make your own Sauce

By making the sauce yourself, you’re able to have more control over the ingredients you put into it… the fresher the ingredients, the better it is for you.  My sauces are always EVOO based; EVOO has healthy fats that are good for the body and great for the skin… so less butter, and more olive oil will lead to a healthier sauce, guaranteed– add in sauteed garlic or some lemon juice to instantly brighten the flavor of any EVOO sauce base.

3.  Add on the veggies and protein

Any pasta dish can be interesting, delicious and inventive depending on the veggies and proteins you have around.  Chop up some greens, add in some local produce, and viola, you’ve gotten your vegetable servings in!– just add seasoning!  Also, FUN FACT:  did you know that vegetables are richer in nutrient value when they are sauteed or steamed vs. when they are eaten raw?!  … I know, mind blowing!

Switch up the protein– cheese, almond cheese, fish, tofu, poultry, meat… so many options for protein, but add it in there!  It will keep you fuller longer, and lead to a healthier and leaner you… guaranteed!

4.  Experiment with flavors and textures!

Don’t forget to season!  Salt and pepper is sometimes all you need to finish a pasta dish, but other times you need to add some heat (cayenne pepper for instance), or some deep Italian Oregano leaves to make a dish complete.  I often add sweet vinegar to the pasta when serving, it provides a great sweet acidity that I love, especially for my pesto!  I also like to add ground flax seeds to my pasta dishes… I know it sounds crazy, LOL, but I love the texture, it keeps me fuller longer, and flax seeds are full of some extra protein… can’t hurt!  :)

SFG Diary healthy pasta

Tonight I made my famous Pesto– spinach, basil, EVOO, garlic, and pine nuts… on top, sliced baby tomatoes and almond cheese!  Looks good enough to eat, right?!  Well go!  Make it!  It’s healthy and SFG approved!

So there are some tips on how to make Pasta your healthiest meal… Enjoy SFGs!


DIY Flash Tats – Festival Fashion


Dear Diary,

Headed to Coachella this weekend?! Or just ready for an awesome outdoor music festival?! Then you’re gonna need your best festival fashion! (aka. Flash Tats!)

I somehow narrowly escaped the poorly placed, ironic tattoo during my teenage years… Phew! But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to fully part take in the temporary tattoo craze!! However, I also find it difficult to spend $25 on something that only lasts a couple days. Enter my DIY solution – Homemade Flash Tats!

Flash Tattoos with Friends! Festival Fashion

These puppies are the real deal, and they’re pretty uh. mazzze. ing!

DIY Flash Tatts - Festival Fashion - Tattoos


* Lace, stencil, eyelet material

* Non-toxic Neon or Metallic Paint

* Paint brush or sponge

DIY Flash Tattoos


1. Place the piece of lace on your desired location.

DIY Flash Tattoos - Festival Fashion

2. Use your paint or ink pad (FYI – this didn’t work as well, and I went back over with paint.)

3. Let the paint dry. Lift the lace up and free hand any spots that need sprucing up!

Metallic Temporary Tattoo

DIY Flash Tats at your service!

DIY Temporary Tattoos - Lace + Neon Non-Toxic Paint

1. Take another piece of lace or stencil and place it on your body.

2. Brush the neon paint in the holes. (Yay! It’s like paint by numbers!)

DIY Neon Tattoos - Festival Fashion

3. Let body paint dry, then remove lace or stencil.

4. Touch up any messy edges of your design. Have fun with it!

DIY Neon Flash Tatts!

For more DIY fun check out my jazzed up Cowboy boots I made for Stagecoach a couple years ago! Don’t have time to make your own?! My girlfriend over at Old Smokey Boots got you covered!

Make sure to share your festival fashion with us this weekend on Instagram and Facebook!




DIY Party Confetti


Dear Diary,

I love a party! Even more, creating fun elements for a party on a budget… I don’t know what it is, but themes and DIY projects are my jam! Not only is most of my basement dedicated to glue guns and glitter, I’ve created a “craft closet” right in my living room! Easy access is key! But in all honesty, it’s my boyfriend’s armoire and he’s not too pleased :( Sorry, babe!

So in celebration of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would make my own confetti to shower him with when he comes home! It’s proof I actually use all the randomness I hoard. Here goes nothing…

DIY Confetti,How to throw a party,SFG Diary,Skinny Fat Girl Diary,hosting tips,party ideas,


* Colored Tissue Paper

* Paper Shredder

Colored Tissue Paper for DIY Confetti

1. Select your COLORS!

DIY Confetti,How to throw a party,SFG Diary,Skinny Fat Girl Diary,hosting tips,party ideas,

2. Grab a couple sheets of the tissue paper and fold them length wise.

3. Empty out any contents of the shredder.

4. Insert the tissue paper into the shredder. (Go slowly so you don’t jam it up!)

5. Continue to shred until you have enough confetti to fill your hearts desires…
DIY Confetti,How to throw a party,SFG Diary,Skinny Fat Girl Diary,hosting tips,party ideas,

Voila! Toss some of your work in celebration!
DIY Confetti,How to throw a party,SFG Diary,Skinny Fat Girl Diary,hosting tips,party ideas,Signature

…make a wish…

DIY Confetti

New Year’s Eve: The LBD Three Ways


Dear Diary,

We were featured on Lauren Conrad again and we thought it was the perfect time for an LBD feature throw back. New Year’s Eve is almost here and that’s means we are all in a frenzy to find the perfect dress. It’s that one time of the year, no one should judge you for drinking out of champagne bottles and dancing on tables. So let it go, but first let’s find that perfect dress to have an epic dance party in…

We, three girls, behind the SFG Diary all have different bodies, interests, and styles. It’s taken some trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, we can’t all rock billowy tops or white pants, but we are learning that’s OK. The most important thing to remember is to have confidence in yourself. Sometimes, that starts with feeling great about what you are wearing. There is one item we can all rely on to make us feel confident in a pinch, especially New Year’s Eve: the little black dress…

SFG Diary // Little Black Dress How To for Lauren Conrad

The options are endless.

Nowadays, fashion offers more flattering LBDs than ever, with styles that incorporate color-blocking, fit-n-flares and A-lines. These little details can really help whittle down your waist and play up your assets. And when the dress isn’t enough, we’ve got a couple tricks to make it your best look.

Make a statement.

Valorie, pictured left, refreshed the all black LBD with accessories. We are obsessed with statement necklaces, and Valorie took it one step further by twisting two necklaces together to make a one-of-a-kind piece. This is an inexpensive way to jazz up your dress and make your necklace collection fun again.

Jazz it up.

Jackie, pictured center, opted for a bright red lip and a color-blocked dress. The pop of color against her pale skin really makes her lip take center stage. She has a curvier frame, with a shorter torso and legs for days. We found that pairing an accessory that matches the color blocking (the blue ring, in this case) helps to elongate her frame and draw to her well-defined shoulders. Also, you can take some liberty with your shoe choices: gold toed, strappy black and studded! Oh my!

Pump up the volume.

When we say pump up the volume, we are referring to your hair! We once worked on a set where the mantra was, “The bigger your hair, the smaller your waist.” Lauren, pictured right, went for the big hair look and chose a color-blocked dress to slim her frame. She has an athletic build, so color-blocking on both the top and bottom makes her look leaner.

Sometimes all it takes re-accessorizing what you already have to make the perfect outfit debut, however if you are in a splurge worthy mood check out a few of our favorite LBD’s this season!



Photos: Sam Zachrich 



Sandy toes…


Beach Pineapple

Dear Diary,

I grew up thinking I was of Puerto Rican descent because my momma spent her high school years there. When people would ask me how I was so tan I would nonchalantly say, “Well I’m Puerto Rican.” I remember the day my mom over heard me and had to explain that just because you live in a certain country doesn’t mean you’re of that nationality. Major buzz kill.

However, the past few summers I’ve been hiding from the rays and trying to protect my skin. Whether it’s hats, SPF or spray tans, staying youthful and cancer-free is a higher priority than getting dark. This summer between wedding season and my Peru trip with Tommy (in their winter!) I haven’t had a chance to hit the beach at all, so my first trip to the beach had to happen after getting a spray tan (Let’s face it, being tan makes you feel more slim, toned and helps hide problem areas) from On The Go Glow Mobile! They’re an amazing 24 hour service that’s all-natural and come to your house! Plus, you’re left smelling like vanilla instead of fried chicken.


If you read Lauren’s post on swimwear you might remember her saying she likes to accentuate her top with a pattern and keep her bottoms solid for an optical illusion that draws your eye up. For me, I’ve always described my body like a 2×4 – Very narrow and straight up and down. I realize that everyone sees themselves differently and in all actuality I’m more womanly than I think, but in my defense I was given this complex since birth thanks to my delivery doctors. They told my mother that, “If she didn’t have shoulders on her like a Green Bay Packer she would have shot right out!” (Why thank you?… Who says that about a baby girl anyway?!)

So for me, I like to wear bottoms with a fun pattern to give me more in the hip department and help give the optical illusion of having a smaller waist. I also tend to go for bottoms with less material because the wedgie look makes your booty look rounder. More material tends to sag when it’s wet and no one wants to look like they’re wearing a diaper. If you have an old swimsuit and want to give it a quick makeover, try my swim DIYs!





 L*Space Swim – Strap Back Top (pistachio) // Monique Bottom Bitsy-Sugar Rush Print


Janessa Leone “Rita Panama” Hat (on sale!) // Banana Republic Sandal (sold out)

L*Space Swim – Strap Back Top (pistachio) // Monique Bottom Bitsy-Sugar Rush Print


Coffee Cocktail?!


Dear Diary,

Summer has always represented “break” to me, however not being in school anymore and in a career (wedding photography) thats busy season is summer changes all that.  I’m constantly pumping myself with caffeine to get through the day and occasionally wanting to cut loose on an off night. However, I definitely still need that coffee to keep me going, so I played with mixing the two. I’m putting a whole new meaning on coffee-aholic. If you love coconut and coffee you’ll also love Jackie’s homemade coconut popsicle float or you could check out the other time we froze coffee for the sake of beauty

Coffee Ice Cubes

Pour coffee into ice cube trays and freeze.

Coffee Cocktail Recipe


* 1 oz coconut milk

* 1 oz Kahlua

* 1 oz coffee

* Frozen coffee ice cubes

* (Optional) Sprinkle of cinnamon – (But you know how we feel about this miracle metabolism booster!)


Don’t judge me, you can also skip the Kahlua and just have it as an iced coffee! Annndddd the coffee ice cubes won’t water down your cup of joe! Cheers to that!


Edible Arrangements?!


Pineapple Bouquet Vase - How To - DIY - 04.jpg

Dear Diary,

When you live in California you deal with earthquakes on the regular. And the last one broke all my flower vases!! Waaahhh. I haven’t had a chance to scour Goodwill for some new glass wear, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from housing some gorgeous florals. Having fresh flowers in the house just makes my day instantly better. I can’t help but smile when I see them! I was cutting up an afternoon snack and thought this pineapple could be a good housing option for these stems. What you you think?!

DIY Pineapple Vase

Pineapple Bouquet Vase - How To - DIY - 01.jpg

Choose an array of your favorite colors and textures. Don’t forget the greenery it fills out your bouquet and is much cheaper than flowers!

Pineapple Bouquet Vase - How To - DIY - 06.jpg
Pineapple Bouquet Vase - How To - DIY - 10.jpg
Pineapple Bouquet Vase - How To - DIY - 09.jpg

Cut off the top inch of your pineapple (You know, that funny tree-looking part).  Take your knife and cut around the inside of the rind and then slice a grid (think tic-tac-toe) in the middle of your pineapple. (Make sure not to puncture the sides of your fruit. You don’t want a leak!) I then took a spoon (a melon baller would work best) and scooped out the middle of the pineapple, eating it as I went of course! All my meals have to be multipurpose! Haha.

Pineapple Bouquet Vase - How To - DIY - 02.jpg

I lined the inside of the pineapple with a sandwich bag before filling it with water. That way the pineapple juice doesn’t affect the flower’s water.

Do you have any clever ways to design centerpieces?! Share with us in the comments below!


Hair Tutorial: Fishtail Updo…


Dear Diary,

Traveling for the past two weeks reminded me why I love a good up-do! I just got back from Paris. It was beautiful and so inspiring: the culture, history and cityscapes …Oh, and the food!! Cheese, croissants and macaroons just to name a few of my favs. My husband, was shocked to actually see me eating it ALL. He lamented not being able to recall a time I’ve eaten bread…in our entire 5 years of being together. I’m actually a little proud of that statement, which, also reminds me why I have SFG issues.  There was so much cheese to eat and so much to see, that I didn’t feel like spending an hour every morning getting ready. So, a side fishtail braid became my go-to. It kept me chic from day to night! During the day, I rocked a fishtail braid to the side..


Fishtail Tutorial


And when night came, I threw a couple pins in the braid to make it a messy bun. It was perfect for dinners out and so much easier than doing my hair!!


[Bridesmaid/Prom] Hair How-To!


Dear Diary,

I’m constantly looking for new tricks to cover up my day 2 hair. Hats, dry shampoo, slicked-back pony… So as you can imagine french braiding the front of my hair isn’t anything new to me. However, the last step made the look into something completely new and fresh…   Instead of writing it all out, I figured I’d show you in real life! Check out my vid! I think the quality is slightly better than my first hair tutorial way back when… haha.

Front Braid Tutorial - bridesmaid, prom

I’m better on other people! Here are some of the models I worked this look on…


Abby’s (above) version is more polished and sophisticated.

Marlana’s (below) version is more fun and flirty! The key is pulling the braid down onto your forehead and tugging different pieces of the braid to create a messier uneven look.


Photos: Valorie Darling Photography


Bronzed baby, LA lady…


Dear Diary,

I don’t know about you, but the holidays really take it out of me and especially my BANK ACCOUNT! I try to stick to a budget, make homemade hostess gifts, search all the cheapest airlines, and reevaluate all my friendships to see if they actually deserve a present. Just kidding on the last one…haha. No, really I just try not to buy any of my friends presents at all until I know they’re getting something for me. JK again. Okay, okay, I’m lying. I actually do that. Sometimes… But most importantly, I definitely keep my head down and nose in my phone as I briskly walk past those cute little girl scouts outside every grocery store harassing you to stop and buy cookies, all while judging you for not investing in their future and adding to their sash patch flare. They always get me on the way out though, otherwise I leave the store everyday feeling like a bad person. Damn, thin mints!

With that being said, my bank account is dwindling as I write this post and I don’t have extra cash to spare to replace my much needed bronzer. The very thing that keeps me looking less like “death warmed up” in the winter months. So I decided to turn to my kitchen to create something other than a meal… my makeup. It’s all natural, and so far it hasn’t made my skin go crazy and I’m liking the results.




* Cocoa Powder – for color

* Cinnamon – for added glow (I used a couple teaspoons)

* Alcohol – to set it

(THIS WILL ALSO WORK TO FIX YOUR BROKEN COMPACT! A couple drops of alcohol, press the broken pieces into a paste and let dry.)

* (Optional) Butter Knife – to mix the powder and smooth in compact

* (Optional) Makeup Brush – to clean edges

* (Optional) Corn Starch – to lighten bronzer to desired look


1. Mix the cinnamon and cocoa powder together (use an approximate amount to fit your container)


2. (Optional) Mix in as much corn starch as desired to lighten your bronzer color.


3. Add the appropriate amount of powder to fit the compact space. (IF YOU LIKE LOOSE POWDER YOU CAN ALSO STOP HERE AND USE AS IS. For that, add the powder back into an old loose powder makeup container. Those vented lids helps portion out powder properly and won’t cause a mess.)


4. To create the pressed bronzer, pour several drops of alcohol into your container.


5. The amount of alcohol should just be enough to coat the powder. Don’t go overboard.


6. I like to clean off the edges of my compact. Let’s keep things pretty people! (However, this step should really be #7. Oops.)


7. Using a butter knife or your finger, smooth out the mixture.


8. Leave it to dry out and set properly.

Val Bronzer

I use this bronzer on my cheeks, and since it doesn’t have shimmer I also use it to contour my face as well.


I saw this guide on where to highlight vs contour and thought y’all might find it helpful. It breaks down the specific areas to contour and how it benefits your look.


I also contour around the edges of my face and jawline. (Not shown on the above contouring guide.) Using my brush to blend the cheekbone color all the way into my hairline at the top of my ear. Think of the brush strokes around your face creating a “3” or “E”- forehead, cheek, chin. Does that make sense?


Same scarf, every which way…


Dear Diary,

I’m constantly on the go and if you didn’t know me you might think I live out of my car. I probably could.

Heading from a shoot or work to an audition or meeting I sometimes don’t have time for a full outfit change. Adding the element of an accessory (like a hat, scarf or even statement earrings) can completely change your look! I’m all about getting the most out of every outfit – a benefit of being on a budget is that you’re forced to get more creative. Here’s a simple scarf perfect for the season, made more versatile.

Option One: The Wrap


Hang the scarf evenly over your neck. Cross the pieces in front of you, wrapping the ends back around your neck for a double loop effect. Adjust the lengths – the ends will be exposed.


Option Two: The Infinity


 Hang the scarf evenly over your neck. Knot the ends together and twist to make a loop. Place that loop over your head and adjust the length.


Option Three: Criss-Cross Applesauce


Lay the scar the opposite way around your neck. The ends should be against your back. Wrap the ends back around your shoulders so they lay in front. Cross the front middle section to make a loop and pull the loose ends through the center loop. Pull tight and adjust the knot to desired placement.


Option Four: The Wreath


Hang the scarf around your neck so that there’s 1/3 on a side and 2/3 on the other. Wrap the long end around your neck to make a simple one loop wrap.


Take one side of your loose end and twist it tightly to the right. Next, wrap the twisted section around the main loop twice. Repeat on the other side.


Option Five: Wrap Skirt

(This is best done with spandex blended scarves, unlike the one I’m using… I wanted some pop with the red!)


Starting with one end of your scarf in the middle of your back (depending on scarf length and body size), wrap around one in a quarter times so that the loose end is at your hip. Next, fold the material over so that it crosses in front (feel free to cross it again for a more noticeable twist knot). Continue to wrap the scarf around your body, smoothing and stretching where needed.


Gather the end and tuck it in at your hip to secure. Make sure the end is evenly spread out inside your “skirt” so there’s minimal bulging.


Great as a beach cover up or belt it for a more polished look.

If you follow us on Instagram & Facebook you got a little preview of what was to come in this post — If not, check it out now! You’ll learn another cool scarf tie option from my model friend who just got back from Paris! Thank you, Heather.


Furniture Makeover


Dear Diary,

Ever had a piece of furniture that’s a “family heirloom” and there’s no chance you’ll get to drive it on down to the local Goodwill? That’s the story behind this gem here. Great sturdy table, with terrible upholstery and no real place for it. Except for it was literally my boyfriend’s “desk” since way before we even met. Who knows how he got anything done or organized? Plus, it took up half his bedroom in his old apartment! So I posed the idea of recovering the chairs and making it a kitchen table and splurging on an ACTUAL desk. Brilliant! The desk is finally realized and looks amazing in our second bedroom and Tommy is getting so much more done now that he actually has drawers to organize things. Or maybe he can just hide his clutter easier? Either way I’m one happy girl!

This is it, sans his “work” aka paper explosion.

Chair Makeover

I’m all for pattern, but this fabric pattern is reminiscent of 1990s Jetta interior, which I would have died to have back in the day, however this material should never make it into your home. Let’s be real…it’s dated and it’s ugly.



* Screw driver

* Scissors

* Material of your choice

* Industrial stapler

* Iron


1. Use your screw driver to remove the cushions from the chairs.

2. Iron out your material.

3. Cut the material leaving enough room on each side so that it can wrap around the cushion and be stapled to the back.

*Make sure the material is facing the same way if there’s a grain or pattern!

4. Staple your first side. The next side to secure should be the one directly across from the first.

*Make sure to leave several inches by the corners so you can tac them in last.

5. Fold the corners so that the sides are even and pull tight. Staple it down.

6. Screw the cushions back onto the chairs using the same screws.




The final product! Now used as a kitchen table.


Summer, all over…


Dear Diary,

With just three weeks left of official summer, you may be getting tired of your once new summer purchases. However, with LA’s heat wave still in full effect summer days aren’t ending anytime soon. But no way will I be splurging this late in the year on a new swimsuit. This is when a fun DIY project comes into play! Have any jewelry laying around that’s broken, but you never seem to get around to fixing it? This is the perfect time to put it to use! Remember my fringe bikini tutorial? Get ready for some more inspiration…


Whether it’s sewing jewels on, draping bracelets or necklaces from your hips, or buttons/shells around the seams… Go wild, get creative!

Change the shape!


 This bracelet was from my Glamma, but the clasp was broken :( I thought using one of the medallions as a center piece would be a cool way to secure my triangle top together. For all you smaller chested ladies, bikini tops that are secured in the center help add some umph shall we say :)

1. Using pliers, separate your jewels so that you can work with just one section at a time.

2. Take your needle and thread and sew the edges of the medallion (through the holes that used to have metal connectors) to your suit.

3. (Optional) Sew the additional pieces to the sides of your bikini bottoms.

Add some pizazz!


This metallic circular section broke off one of my necklaces, and it matched the gold so well I thought why not try adding it? Not sure it’s very practical, but could be fun for the right poolside situation. Vegas, anyone?

1. Using pliers open the metal connecting clasp.

2. Put the clasp around the desired piece and your suit.

3. Clamp the connecting circle down so that the addition is completely secure.

Pucker up!


 Saggy bottoms? No one wants to leave the pool looking like their bottoms are going to fall off or have the diaper effect. Eww. This ruched bottom has been very popular and is an easy fix for any stretched out material.

1. Draw a three inch chalk line down the center of the inside of your bikini bottoms.

2. Take your needle and matching colored thread and make a “running stitch” down the chalk line.

3. Pull the stitches tight to create the ruched look and secure on the inside.

4. The bikini should give you a slight wedgie effect. That’s the trend y’all! haha.

Now get back out there! Here’s to an ENDLESS SUMMER!


DIY – Game Night



Dear Diary,

You don’t need Valentine’s Day to have a fun game/date night with your significant other. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know doing crafts and creating a fun project that you can gift to your man is a great excuse to add some surprise into your relationship.


* Mod Podge

* Paint brush or sponge

* Rubber cement

* Magazines

* Scissors

* Rubber cement

* Jinga game

* Paint

* Marker


Cut out the magazine words and pictures that speak to you and your relationship.

DIY - Jinga

1. Glue the magazine clippings to the box in a fun way. Feel free to overlap, etc…there’s no wrong placement.

2. Paint the Mod Podge mixture over the top of your finished collage.

3. Paint the wood blocks individually.

4. Let them dry and then write a fun instruction on each block.


A closer look at the details…



It’s summer time so…

*Be playful. Play games*


DIY Graphic Tee



Dear Diary,

The above picture is of my college girlfriends, my mom and me. I’m lucky enough to have them down in LA with me and my momma loves making Mom’s Weekend trips frequently! This trip was especially special because “The Boss” was in town and we got tickets to see him. It was at the sketchiest arena in LA and we merely escaped scuffles a handful of times (I’m not exaggerating!), but nothing could get us down because we were together, singing along with a legend and I made us custom shirts! Everyone was envious!

This concert was actually over a year ago, but if you follow SFG’s new INSTAGRAM (follow us here!) you would know that I went with a bunch of friends to the Justin Bieber concert! We were in a last minute pinch and couldn’t find any “Belieber” merchandise so I decided to make some literally an hour before the show. Not really sure how I pulled it off in time, but they somehow all dried AND I was ready to go in time. This occurrence reminded me that I never published my DIY stencil shirt, so here it is… A similar version would also be great for summer camp tees, high school class spirit, etc…

You’re never too old to get dressed up! People thought we were his backup dancers! No joke.

Justin Bieber shirts

(Not sure who the photo bomber is…)



* Cheap Tank or Tee

(Ours were from Forever 21 and under $2)

* Vellum Paper

* Exacto Knife

* Pencil

* Tape

* Spray paint in your desired color

Start with creating your stencil…

DIY - Stencil

1. Sketch out your stencil art with a pencil on the vellum sheet. (I did Bruce’s face!)

2. Cut out all the negative space with your exacto knife. (I typically use an exacto “pen” but couldn’t find mine. Ugh.)

3. Put a piece of cardboard (I personally like to use old record cases) inbetween your shirt to hold it tight and keep the paint from bleeding through.


4. Lay your stencil on your shirt (taping down if possible) and spray paint from about 6″ away.

5. Let dry and remove tape and stencils. Voila, a custom designed shirt!

*Don’t forget those protective rubber gloves! haha.


We were a big hit at the Bruce Springsteen concert! I might have to set up a booth next time he’s in town :)


Skinny Fat Girl Diary