GALentine’s Day Gift Box



Dear Diary,

How is it already February?!  January was here and gone in a flash, and I feel like if I don’t take a second to breathe and refocus on the NOW… I’ll miss out on all that February has to offer!  And for us, February is all about my girlfriends and some ME time.  I need some spa time, some girl time, and most of all some chocolate!  :)  Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s Day– and it’s all about taking the time to celebrate your favorite gal pal’s and reminding them that they don’t need a significant other to make them feel special!

Our friend Irina of Irina Victoria Jewelry had this in mind when she created her Galentine’s Day Gift Box!

IV Jewelry box

The box includes:

  • Recipe for Chewy Sugar Cookies
  • Pre-mixed dry ingredients for the cookies in a mason jar
  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Heart Sprinkles
  • Chocolates
  • Polishing pads
  • and of course a choice of a RING by Irina Victoria Jewelry

(ring options: smooth band, I heart you ring, textured band, rosebud ring)

IV Jewelry rings

*BUT shhh everything but the RING will be a fun surprise for your GAL pal ;)

This is such a fun idea, that I had to share!  But order soon because GALentine’s Day will be here before you know it!


Order ends by 2/9 (so it can get there ON Galentine’s Day!) & it costs $44.99! (shipping included)

CLICK HERE to order!

STAMP NECKLACE by Irina Victoria Jewelry


Dear Diary,

When our friend and fabulous jewelry designer, Irina Victoria, introduced us to her new collection of stamp necklaces… we were immediately blown away.  Not only by the delicate and chic design, but by the powerful messages each stamp entails and the great impact a small message can do.  Mantras are a great reminder to each of us… they can act as a guide for your attitude and goals every day.  Through out your life, these small mantras can serve you… as well as those around you– and these stamp necklaces tend to get attention every where we go.  :)

What makes these designs even more spectacular is that through the purchase of one of these necklaces… you’ll also be helping endangered animals throughout the world!  The pieces are inspired by wildlife and were created to support ongoing efforts to help save endangered species and threatened ecosystems. 50% of proceeds from each sale of the Do Good/Be Kind/ Live As One necklace will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN)!

Who is WCN, you ask?  Great question SFG’s!  WCN is a highly regarded U.S.-based charity whose mission is to protect endangered species and preserve their natural habitats by supporting entrepreneurial conservationists who pursue innovative strategies for people and wildlife to co-exist and thrive. Care to learn more? Visit their website

Check out which pieces from the collection we chose below…

lauren sfg necklace 2

Lauren is sporting the “be kind” necklace in gold…

lauren sfg necklace 1

val sfg necklace 2

Val is rocking the” do good” in gold as well… these blondes were made for gold metallics, weren’t they? :)

val sfg necklace 1

jackie sfg necklace 1

And last but not least, Jackie is changing it up with the “live as one” stamp in silver!

jackie sfg necklace 2

we get to look stylish and do something good too?!  that’s what we call good karma :)

check out our other post on this talented jewelry designer here… and make sure to check out her site to buy one of these necklaces for yourself :)


31 Bits – Summer Collection



Dear Diary,

It’s here, it’s here! The 31 Bits 2014 Summer Collection! We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve been asked to be one of their featured bloggers and our fun little segment will be live mid-June on their site: 31 Bits.

31 Bits is a jewelry company that supports artisans in Uganda. They use fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty. Their beads are made from recycled paper. All accessories arrive in such beautiful, colorful cloth jewelry bags.

We love to wear jewelry that not only stands out, it stands for something! It’s #FashionForGood!

SFG - 31 Bits Magazine

Wear something that says something! How something is made matters!

Check out their beautiful line…


31 Bits - Layout - Product - SUMMER COLLECTION - SFGDiary

Lauren, in her favorite color combo besides black on black… ;)




 31 Bits – Bellflower Necklace – $34 // Red DVF dress

Jackie, in her boho-chic get up!

Jackie 2 - 31 Bits Jewelry


31 Bits – Solstice Spark Necklace – $48

 Urban Outfitters Pants // Piko 1988 Shirt (from vintage shop, but here’s their blog) // Superga Sneakers

Valorie, rockin’ a little girlie ensemble!

Val 31 bits jewelry


31 Bits – Felicity Necklace – $44

ASOS Denim Tie Tank (on sale) // Forever 21 Skirt // Steve Madden Booties


Statement Earrings


Dear Diary,

I’m constantly trying to find ways to change my look on the go and one of the simplest and most effective tricks is carrying statement earrings. I find that having a pair in my purse makes for quick and easy switch from day to night – it’s GLAM ON THE GO. I don’t know about you, but I instantly feel more fashionable when I’m accessorized.


What’s in your purse?!


I typically carry these Kendra Scott “Danielle” earrings with me and they work like a charm!

Kendra Scott EarringsKendra Scott Earrings


If you need a fun, holiday gift idea check out Kendra Scott’s Color Bar! You can get creative and customize the perfect present or let them go crazy and design whatever their heart desires. Anytime you can be more personal with your presents it goes a long way.

 Color Bar

This is an example of how the Color Bar works. First, choose your accessory (ie. necklace, earring, etc…) and style. Then, drop the surrounding gems into the mold slots. Play around, have fun!!


AMAZING JEWELRY by Irina Victoria… that YOU could WIN!


4Y5A0541 4Y5A0531

Dear Diary,

You know SFG’s are moving up in the world when they team up with one of the most amazing new Jewelry Designers from the east coast.  Irina is a Boston Native who has turned her hobby and love for fashion and design into a booming business… and we were lucky enough to get the inside scoop!

Irina Victoria & the SFGals have teamed up for TWO AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES

1) All of our readers will receive 25% OFF any purchase at Irina Victoria’s etsy shop ( The PROMO CODE is SFG25… this offer is valid through Friday 7/12


2)  YOU CAN WIN one of the jewelry items modeled below in– to be eligible to win is simple… at the bottom of the post just enter your email address and click on the rafflecopter link to enter/meet requirements! This GIVEAWAY LASTS FOR A WEEK– LAST DAY TO ENTER IS 7/10/13!  ENTER TODAY!



How gorgeous is this necklace?!  The perfect bold look for summer!



I am obsessed with this ring (I refused to take it off after the shoot)… its delicate, feminine and so unique!



Valorie looks unbelieveable in these earrings!  The perfect touch to any look!

4Y5A0589 4Y5A0601

4Y5A0534 4Y5A0574

This chevron necklace is so playful– I had to buy it for myself! :)



4Y5A0564 4Y5A0565

Lauren’s got some great jewelry that compliment her gorgeous engagement ring…

4Y5A0563 4Y5A0567


4Y5A0619 4Y5A0618

It’s not fair… no make-up and Valorie still looks GORGEOUS– such a simple & chic look paired with a bold statement necklace!

4Y5A0616 4Y5A0613

We decided to interview Irina Victoria about her inspirations behind her fantastic collection…

How did you get started making jewelry?

I can’t take all the credit for this one. I inherited my creativity and craftiness from my parents. With their guidance, I learned how to sew very early on which opened my eyes to a whole new side of fashion. I spent a lot of time in my teenage years tweaking my clothes, sewing handbags, and eventually got into making my own jewelry. I essentially challenged myself to construct all the cute stuff I couldn’t afford! I received a lot of positive feedback from friends and family, so I stuck with it! Though I took a slight detour in college (got a degree in microbiology), I never stopped creating.

What is your inspiration behind these pieces?

Chevrons! I feel like the design has been everywhere lately and it has won me over. The first piece I dreamt up for the Spring Summer collection was the beaded chevron necklace. I love the funky fringe look along side dainty and sweet. The rest of the designs evolved from there. The rose quartz and chalk turquoise colors are so gorgeous in person that I just had to dedicate a few designs to showing off their beauty.

What materials do you use?

Lately I’ve been working a lot with sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and gemstones. I like to call them affordably luxe materials. The quality is top notch and if you’re looking to have lasting pieces it’s worth the step up—especially for everyday jewelry.

I think 14k gold fill is a new term for many, so I feel like I should elaborate. Gold fill is a step down from fine and a step up from plated. At its core is a base metal, like brass, and on the outside is a thick layer of 14k gold. Gold fill is less likely to chip or tarnish. I’ve been wearing the gold chevron necklace for two months straight and I’m happy to report it’s just as lustrous as day one!

I love that you have some chunkier pieces and some delicate pieces… tell me how you like to accessorize?

It’s very much dependent on my mood and the occasion, but for the most part I’ve been sticking to understated pieces these days. I just really love the dainty look. When I want to make a statement, I’ll layer a few dainty necklaces of varying length and throw on some stacking rings.

is each piece of jewelry you make unique– custom made?!

Part of handmade goodness is that each piece is unique! All but the most popular pieces (i.e. rose bud and chevron rings) are made to order. However, even the small stocks are individually handcrafted by me.

what do you generally charge?

My prices vary based on the designs and materials. They can be anywhere from $20 to $200+. What I offer is something that cannot be purchased at an H&M or Forever21. My designs come from the heart and are made with love. I’m very proud of my work and the materials used, so the prices reflect the quality.

How did you get your first customers?

If I really think back, my first customer was a high school classmate that loved the earrings I made for myself! Today (and back then) most of my customers know me by word of mouth. I’ve also been selling a little here and there on Etsy. I’m still considered an under the radar designer, so opportunities to chat about my work with amazing bloggers is always exciting!

check out Irina Victoria’s facebook page:


DON’T MISS OUT!  Enter below :)






a Rafflecopter giveaway

Christmas come early…




Dear Diary,

If you read my last post, Rent the Runway, you know I love Melinda Maria jewelry. Well, apparently was reading and wanted us to shop guilt free by featuring her jewelry for the day! Christmas came early…whoop whoop.

Some of my sale favorites…

You have 20 hours, 42 minutes to cash in on this deal…

Rent the Runway


Dear Diary,

If you’re like me you never like being pictured in the same thing twice, (let’s be real though, not possible on my budget!) so for special events I’m constantly trying to get creative and shop my closet to rework pieces I already have to make them look new. Sometimes this works and sometimes you look like you’re wearing a bed sheet as a dress… because you are. Yes, I’ve actually done this and unless you’re going to a toga party, do not try this!

So ever since I heard about Rent the Runway, I’ve been dying to test it out! The site has dresses ranging in price from $40-$400, everyday to couture. They ship it to you with prepaid USPS bags and you have four days before you need to return it. It’s a NY based company so if you live in NYC you can receive your dress that day! The best part is they ship you two sizes AND an extra dress for only $25 extra! AMAZING. After such a successful/easy experience I can’t stop thinking about the next opportunity to do it again. If only this was around when I was in high school! Hey boys, I’m available for Prom 2013.


*(I did this!) They can ship it to your hotel if you’re traveling and don’t want to risk the time frame or just don’t want the hassle of extra luggage.

*(As I said above) You can rent an additional dress for just $25! So for those of you who have an action packed weekend this is the best way to go. I got a dress for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Done and done.

*They have fit/style specialists that can walk you through your shopping experience. They also send two sizes just incase you’re not confident it will fit.

*I found the customer reviews and pictures of each dress to be quite helpful in choosing which dress would fit my body type properly. Since unfortunately we don’t all look or wear clothes like a model. boo.

*It ships with a prepaid mailer bag to drop off in the nearest USPS box when you’re finished. Couldn’t be easier.

P.S. Don’t worry about any accidents: it’s insured :)



They even sent fashion tape and some other goodies!

…the rehearsal dress…


I absolutely LOVED the color blocking in this dress and the open back. I felt very bohemian-chic! I paired it with Melinda Maria bangles & turquoise ring. Melinda Maria is a Los Angeles celebrity jewelry designer hailing from my hometown of Spokane, Washington! Her pieces are resonable and great for all occassions.

The green ‘Serenity Stone Drops’ earrings from stella & dot – $49

…the DAZZLING wedding attire…

{Bagdely Mischka}

Hair tutorial coming soon! In the meantime check out my chain updo! And my arm is having a party with Alexis Bittar lucite bangles!

Nordies has the Tasha ‘Ornate’ Linear Statement earrings – $58

RTR closet jealousy…

To register:

Click the link below & receive $20 off your first rental!


Next time I’m on the red carpet, I’m definitely doing this!



Dear Diary,

Growing up friendship bracelets were a staple fashion item. From summer camp swim level bracelets to the braided ones I received from friends; I wore them with pride until they literally disintegrated off my wrist.

I have to admit I haven’t worn one in several years, until I heard about his new fun company – WearShare! My WearShare bracelet has quickly become my favorite accessory!  It’s a Portland based company that creates unique, personalized bracelets out of canvas to help connect people, cultures and art. You design your bracelet with images you have on Facebook and they print it onto their cool canvas swatch. You have one to wear and one to share!

They are the best gift for $7 and you get to enjoy it too! It comes in the cutest packaging and each bracelet is handmade. It’s the most personal friendship bracelet you can have and they wear down perfectly.

My bracelet has pictures of some of the kids in my charity, SoCal HeARTs. I love getting to see them everday and it helps keep me motivated!  When people ask about it, I not only get to share my cause but a cool brand! (WearShare has a 50/50 program for non-profit fundraising!) To create your personalized bracelet & order yours today, check out…

Founding members of SoCal HeARTs rocking our WearShare friendship bracelets!





I love my WearShare!

(Christin Rose Photography)

Art shouldn’t just be seen, WEAR IT!

Alexis Bittar


Dear Diary,

I just had a birthday and was absolutely spoiled rotten!  Not only did I have multiple celebrations with friends and an amazing spa weekend in Palm Springs with my boyfriend (Check out: The Parker – Amazing atmosphere, restaurants & spa!), my Mama outdid herself!  She knows how much I love surprises and anything creative, so she sent me on a little scavenger hunt that led me to 1612 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA…which I had a hunch was home to one of my favorite jewelry designers, Alexis Bittar!  My parents gave me a gift certificate so I could select my favorite pieces, since my Pinterest selections weren’t available.  I felt like I was at Disneyland!  At one point, I looked like a crazy pirate lady, wearing half of the store’s collections (the employees were so sweet and didn’t even seem annoyed with me).  I was completely overwhelmed by all of the gorgeous designs, but eventually made my selections: yellow & clear lucite bangles, “shield” earrings, and a violet pendant necklace.

Bittar is known for his inventive designs and creative work with lucite.  The lucite absolutely glows on your skin, and it’s amazing to see what colors come out of each specific cut.  I wasn’t even going to try on the violet pendant because I loved the vibrance of the blue, but as soon as it touched my skin, I knew violet was the one :)

Alexis Bittar Jewelry

His creations have graced the big screen and red carpet numerous times, and I can spot his unique twist every time.  Even Michelle Obama is loyal to his brand – if it’s alright by the First Lady, it’s alright by me…

Check out his website:


Ring Shopping: White Lips in Tiffany & Co.


Dear Diary,

Alright, let’s just address the elephant in the room. I have a cold sore, but before you start judging my spotted past, I’ll have you know my mother gets them and I inherited this lovely trait. I’m trying to be an adult about it, but after looking in the mirror I believe my neurotic side has won. My lips are a lovely shade of white. I  remind myself of the crack addict Dave Chappelle once played.

Hiding under the covers in my room till the cold sore went away was the plan, but my boyfriend offered to take me shopping for ” sexy” sweatpants. Though every women knows no such item exists, I decided to indulge him because I like me some sweats.

Enter the most exciting/embarrassing/ not the way I planned moment of my life. Here’s the bf and I trying to accomplish mission impossible and on the way we walk past Tiffany. My bf stops, looks at my white lips, and decides a hug is best and says there’s a Tiffany wanna go look at rings?

I have never tried on an engagement ring in my life. My inner child, who used to play in wedding dresses, aka sheets, was overcome with excitement! However, I noticed Tiffany’s security keeping a watchful eye on me and I was reminded that my hair looked like an 80s video and my lips resembled that of a crack addicts. And that’s how this SFG lost my her ring virginity.



Skinny Fat Girl Diary