Turmeric & Ginger Every Day


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Dear Diary,

I’m WO-MAN enough to admit that I have “poop problems”… or “poop probs” as my friends and I dearly call it. Haha… I’m not ashamed, and it’s possibly because almost every girl I know suffers from it too.  Why is it that going “regularly” has turned into going “rarely”…?  Not only do I look better when my digestive system is working at it’s best (you know, less bloat), but I also FEEL so much better… which is of course, the most important part!  So when I decided to whip my bowel back into shape– I turned to a nightly routine of drinking Turmeric & Ginger Every Day (in tea form that is ;))… ginger is great for the digestive track, but has so many other benefits as well.

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Did you know that ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, perfect for an active gal, like me… it also IMPROVES the absorption of essential nutrients to the body; that means that all those salads you’ve been eating, won’t go to waste!  Ginger also strengthens your immune system, and helps prevent colon cancer… so yeah, this root is working overtime!

But let’s not forget about Turmeric.  Turmeric has been called the “miracle spice”… and that reputation has been earned due to all of it’s amazing benefits to the body. A squeeze of Turmeric extract (a more concentrated version of the grounded spice), and I’ve helped my intestine and liver function, and increased the antioxidant capacity of my body!

And finally, why not add lemon while you’re at it!  I add the squeeze of lemon to  my tea every night to brighten my skin, and help cleanse my system.

So this is what I do:

I use 1 Ginger YOGI tea bag (2 if I’m feeling frisky ;))

Juice of half of a lemon

and 3 big squirts of Turmeric Extract (but you can use 1 heaping tsp of Turmeric if you prefer)

So basically, I’ve taken a poopy problem, and made a superhero nightly cocktail!  Hey!  When life brings you lemons… ;)

You’re welcome, SFGs!  Let us know if you’ll try this tea at home!

ginger turmeric


Cold Season is upon us…!


Dear Diary,

It’s cold season and I’ve fallen victim; four days and counting and the sniffles haven’t let up… The worst part is I’ve finished, “Gilmore Girls” and I can’t watch, “House of Cards Season 3,” without my husband. So, with Netflix not offering up ways to pass the time, I’ve turned to Pinterest to search for cold relief recipes.

My initial search left me with a lot of hot honey, lemon and ginger drinks. Here’s the thing though, I prefer a cool smoothie when my throat is giving me trouble. Maybe it’s the hotter temperatures in Los Angeles, but cooler drinks offer me a better reprieve. So I’ve taken the concept of hot soothing drink and turned it into a smoothie.  If any of you fall victim, make this it’s a throat saver. Oh my, my jokes suffer when I’m sick. Sorry y’all!!

lemon ginger

Here’s what you need:

-1 banana

- 1 slice of lemon

-  2 tsp. honey

- 1 tsp. fresh ginger

- 1/4 cup of water or coconut water

- 3 ice cubes

Peel the ginger and grate, squeeze the lemon and continue to add the rest of the ingredients into the blender. Pulse until frothy and drizzle a little honey on top.  Serve cold and enjoy!




facial 6Dear Diary,

Recently the SFG team was featured on Lauren Conrad discussing some of our favorite de-stress-ing tips for the holiday season… but there is one more facial that I forgot to mention!

facial 1

I highly recommend this facial for anyone who has five minutes to pamper themselves.  It’s cool, soothing, and moisturizing components are the perfect way to negate dry and uneven skin from the brisk, cold weather!

This is my go-to facial because I always have all the ingredients on hand! Here is what you need:

1/2  cucumber (soothe)

1 tablespoon of vitamin E (anti-oxidants that repair skin)

1 tablespoon of lemongrass (natural anti-inflammatory & repairs)

1 cup greek yogurt (moisturize)

juice of one lemon (tone)facial 2

 mix it up & apply to your face for 10 minutes… use the time to catch up on your reading!

facial 3use a hand towel soaked in warm water to remove the mask and then splash your face with cold water to tighten pores…

facial 4Lookin’ good ladies! ;)

facial 5

TREAT YOURSELF… to this delicious, healthy spring treat!


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Dear Diary,

A good reason to celebrate:  SPRING is officially here!  Whether or not it looks like it yet is dependent on which area of the country you’re living in; in Los Angeles, the sunny skies have led me to whip out my short-shorts, but my friends in NY are still suffering from some late winter snow storms… but don’t worry east coasters–  warm weather is just around the corner!  Soon it will be time for bikinis and BBQ’s, until then keep the dream alive!  Shh… do you hear that?  That’s a margarita calling your name!  (skinny margarita of course…)

In order to prep for summer attire and activities, you’ve got to eat healthy and exercise– for all of you keeping track of the SFG’s on our facebook page, I just completed 7 days of straight exercise!  (quite a feat for a working woman!)  Of course it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet in order to slim down to summer size… but we all know, that there is NO WAY I’ll be able to do it unless I have some great desserts to indulge in as well!

Luckily for me, what will kick start my healthy eating is that Passover is here!  Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday… for those who are unfamiliar, all you need to know is that it’s full of great food, wine and merriment … celebrating our freedom from Egyptian slavery 3,000 years ago…

While Passover begins with a dinner party known as a Seder… the holiday lasts all week.  For seven days, one is supposed to give up all bread products (other than matzoh)… yikes!  (A tradition that represents the Jewish people’s struggle after fleeing from Egypt through the desert to Israel.)

As a child, that sad week felt like eternity!  No sandwiches, no cookies… I was desperate for just a crumb!  Now as an adult, the week is still a struggle… but I’m game.

This holiday gives me the perfect opportunity to add more veggies/fruit to my diet and lay off the bad carbs– a great kick start to the summer season– thanks Passover!  :)

At Seder tonight, I’m in charge of the dessert…duh!  What I’m making is an authentic Italian Lemon Granita!  This healthy treat is the perfect light finish to an enormous meal!



This snow cone creation is healthy and decadent; all you need is: LEMONS, TRUVIA, LEMON EXTRACT and some TIME on your hands!


In a small saucepan mix together 2 cups of water and 1/2 of  Truvia blend (the natural no calorie sweetener.)

Let the mixture come to a simmer, and then add another cup of water and a pinch of salt.

Let the mixture cool in the refrigerator for a half an hour, and in the mean time place a metal cookie sheet in the freezer.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 4.01.42 PM

When the mixture has cooled, stir in one cup of lemon juice, 2 tsp of lemon extract, and 1.5 tsps of lemon zest into the saucepan.


Then pour the mixture into the frozen cookie sheet to crystallize… NOW THIS IS THE TIME CONSUMING PART!  Every half hour for about 2-3 hours you want to stir the mixture so that it does not become a solid ice cube!  You want it to become a slushy!

Then serve!– The recipe is simple and DELICIOUS– try it out! :)

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