healthy take on a french classic… in 15 minutes or less!


basque made easy 9

Dear Diary,

Can you pronounce basque piperade?  Have you heard of basque piperade?  Have you had basque piperade?  If you haven’t… you should.  It’s a classic French/Moroccan dish that is a mix between a stew… and, uh… breakfast?! haha… whatever it is, it’s delicious.

I am regularly caught drooling over amazing-looking, decadent, fattening  and complicated dishes I find online.  It’s almost as good as eating them!  (just kidding)… and recently, I was inspired by buzzfeed’s post: 44 classic french dishes you must try before you die.  While all of the dishes looked so delicious… very few of them looked healthy (not surprising since french food is known for butter, butter, and butter…), but also I didn’t feel capable of recreating any of them…UNTIL I saw BASQUE PIPERADE.   Immediately I was nostalgic for the time I spent abroad…  I had eaten this dish before in France as well as Turkey, oddly enough, and it stood up to dishes with twice the calories and twice the work.

basque made easy  10

When I traveled abroad I was living by the motto go big or go home.. big travels, big nights, lots of drinking… lots of eating… I had the time of my life.  But big living has its consequences… 10 lbs. BIG…  and while I still indulge, we all know that I try to eat a little healthier and moderately now a days… but you all also know that for me, that never means sacrificing big taste…

basque made easy 4

Instead of sticking to the original recipe– I made this dish as simple, and healthy as possible… the dish is usually served with terrific toasted baguette… but knowing me, I’d end up eating the whole loaf… so instead I used quinoa…

p.s. this dish has ZERO BUTTER people… do you believe it?!

basque made easy 3

the recipe is so simple & fast… this means that there are actually no excuses for not eating healthy… instead of reaching for the cheddar & grilling… I am going to reach for these ingredients instead:

basque made easy 2

2 cups of your favorite organic tomato sauce

1 cup of chopped basil, 1 cup of chopped spinach
1cup of your favorite bell pepper

pinch of salt & pepper

1 cup of quinoa

2 eggs

basque made easy 8

what you do:

 cook quinoa as directed in a separate pot (boil 2 cups of water, add quinoa once water is boiled and simmer for about 10 minutes)

in a separate OVEN SAFE sauce pan, heat the tomato sauce; add spinach & peppers

then crack two eggs right on the top… sprinkle salt & pepper

heat oven to 350 & place pan in the oven for 5-10 minutes (until egg whites have solidified but yolk is still soft!)

lastly, sprinkle some basil on top… and enjoy!

basque made easy 7

basque made easy 1

Have dinner be memorable.  Enjoy!

basque made easy 5

Try it & tell us what you think ;)


Craving Pizza? Try this recipe instead…!



Dear Diary,

After visiting my family in Chicago last week, I’m feeling homesick. Times like these, I like to cook something and eat my way to happiness…kidding, well kinda:) Of course, being a Chicagoan, I always crave something with cheese and bread involved. But, as my form fitting wedding dress stares at me from the closet, I’m thinking deep dish pizza is out of the question.

So I opted to make foe pizza bites. My sister shared the recipe and it is a winner. I’ll admit nothing can ever really replace the taste of pizza, but these definitely helped satisfy my craving. Pesto Beefsteak tomatoes, yeah you heard me! Beefsteak tomatoes are were it’s at; these reds definitely live up to their name.

Here’s what you need:

* 4 Beefsteak Tomatoes

* Pesto Sauce (check out Jackie’s post to make your own)

* Parmesan Cheese

* Oregano

* Olive Oil

* Pepper

* Salt



 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Slice the beefsteak tomatoes in thick slices, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle a healthy dose of oregano, salt and pepper all over the slices.


Place in the oven for 5 minutes…Remove from the oven and spread the pesto sauce on each tomato – about a tablespoon or however much it takes to coat the slice. Then sprinkle a healthy dose of parmesan cheese on top.


Place back in the oven for 5 minutes, remove and serve pippin’ hot!



May 10th – Salmon Makes Bathing Suit Season Bearable


Dear Diary,

I have bathing suit-scarestheshitoutofme-itis…not sure the condition is actually recognized by the medical field, but its symptoms are pretty dire. The only thing that seems to calm my nerves is a bottle of wine and I’m not sure consuming massive amounts of alcohol fixes the problem or starts another.

See, whenever I come in close proximity to my bathing suit, I panic…like really panic. I start planning my extreme diet: lean protein, celery and lettuce….lots of lettuce. Convincing myself that this summer, THIS summer will be different; my bathing suit and I will enjoy our time together. But then 11:00AM hits and I’m starving…I need carbs, in the form of tortilla chips.

I usually rationalize my intake of salt and processed corn on my “low blood sugar,” but I’ve decided to take responsibility and be an adult about. Let’s take this one step at a time and start with dinner.

Tonight, I’m turning to the miracle food, salmon, as so proclaimed by Madonna for its anti-aging properties, Zooey Deschanel for helping her 20-lbs weight loss and basically consumed by every non-vegan celebrity that goes on a “diet.” (I’m sure Madonna had a little more help in the anti-aging department than salmon, but that’s neither here nor there)

Now, I’m sure the celebrity chefs, steam it and squeeze some lemon on it and call it a masterpiece. But this Midwest girl requires something called flavor when eating a meal. There is only so much steaming one can take, before she says duck it and eats a pint of ice cream(true story)…So I’m relying on this simple, easy and tasty marinade to make my healthy journey a little less painful.

Soy Marinade

¼ cup soy sauce

¼ cup Mirin

2 tbsp unseasoned rice vinegar

2 teaspoons of seasame oil

2 tbsp green onions

1 ½ tbsp minced fresh ginger

Whisk together

 Pour over 6oz of salmon (double the marinade, if cooking more) let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Then, set your oven to broil and cook for 7- 9 minutes. If you are lucky enough to have a grill, I’m jealous and that’s also an excellent way to cook salmon. Bon appetite!




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