Adventures in Bridesmaids


bridesmaids DB 030

Dear diary,

My wedding is less than 6 months away!  WHAAAT, I can’t believe it!  It’s now crunch time, which means I’m exercising regularly, eating right, and making game day decisions… like FINALLY deciding on what dresses all of my beautiful maids will be wearing!  This was no easy task… with so many gorgeous bridesmaids dresses out there, and pinterest providing ample inspiration– deciding on a style and designer is not a simple feat.   While I know my wedding style is romantic and whimsical, I also didn’t want to be the bride that forces their style on everyone else in the wedding party.  Good thing mix ‘n match bridesmaid dresses are on fleek right now! With that said, I also want my wedding to feel cohesive and appropriate, so finding dresses that work well together is also crucial!  All of my best friends are easy going and eager to please the bride, so while I knew that they’d be happy to wear anything I wanted (and look great doing it), I wanted them to feel like individuals, and maintain their own unique style and aesthetic!

bridesmaids DB 014

I’m getting married at the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI… a gorgeous gilded-age home full of historical charm and Atlantic ocean views.  I knew that with this elegance as a backdrop, the girls needed dresses that were classic and formal; and with that in mind, I assumed they’d be expensive too.  Right now, you’re lucky to find a floor length gown of high quality for less than $250… or so I thought.   While surfing the internet waves for style inspiration, I came across something unexpected… the White by Vera Wang Collection at Davids Bridal.

This collection blew my mind!  Not only were the prices way more affordable than anything else I’ve seen, but the quality and style of the dresses are up to par with some of the most expensive dresses out there!  Brides are so lucky to have their best friends in their life during this journey… they not only provide so much emotional support and help celebrate every milestone of this experience, but they also are financially strained by all the responsibilities of a bridesmaid: bachelorette party, hotel rooms and so much more… with zero complaining I might add!  The least I could do is pick a bridesmaid dress line that is affordable and has tons of variety so that each bridesmaid can pick a style they like!

bridesmaids DB 012

bridesmaids DB 018

I was not only surprised by the amount of designer options Davids Bridal had– everything from White by Vera Wang to Wonder by Jenny Packham, but they also have a range of sizes (0-22) with extra length and maternity options available too!

bridesmaids DB 003

bridesmaids DB 021

Recently, some of my NYC bridesmaids got together to show off some of the Vera Wang fashions… and have fun doing it… ;)  What do you think?  Will you choose David’s Bridal for your wedding?  Let us know!  Find out more at

Check out their array of bridesmaids dresses HERE… and designer bridesmaid dresses HERE!

bridesmaids DB 005

bridesmaids DB 009

bridesmaids DB 011

P.S.  Unsure of what style you want?  Luckily, David’s Bridal has a style finder tool!  It’s a fun little quiz for the bride or bridesmaid to take to help her narrow down best options depending on wedding style, color scheme, budget, etc.   Click HERE to find out more!

SUPER green bowl for dinner


green bowl dinner

Dear Diary,

It’s now officially SIX MONTHS until my wedding… and I can’t believe it!  It still feels so far away, but I know that it will be here before I know it.  Thank goodness I’ve been maintaining my lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise– because the last thing I want to do is starve myself with a diet a month before the wedding… am I right?!  But between work, exercise and evening/weekend plans, it’s been tough to find the time to experiment with new recipes!  So when I recently wet to this amazing NYC Vegan restaurant for a “spicy green bowl”, I was not only HOOKED, but I realized I could easily tweak it and make it my own!  In my book, what makes something a super GREEN bowl is portions… make sure that you are making 50% of the bowl steamed greens!  The rest is a great mix of carbs and protein, perfectly spiced with the miracle spices: cayenne and turmeric, of course :)

super green bowl


  • half a sweet potato (clean skin with a veggie safe brush instead of peeling– the skin has tons of nutrients!)

chop up into bite size pieces and then toss with sunflower oil (higher burning point compared to traditional olive oil) and dashes of cayenne, turmeric, salt and pepper

place in a 400 degree oven until crispy and tender

  • In a microwave safe bowl, steam frozen broccoli and kale
  • then on another cooking sheet bake chickpeas, click here for the recipe… they are delicious snack on their own!  Full of protein and healthy carbs!
  • Lastly, poach an egg and combine!  Egg poaching is really easy– just boil water and add a couple of tbsps of white vinegar to settle the boil… then gently add an egg.  Stir egg slightly to help it create shape and let it cook for about 10 minutes!

green bowl

Now how easy is that!  It’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s the perfect go to meal after a long day!

You’re welcome SFGs! ;)


Wedding DIY’S…!



Dear Diary,

In one month, my hubs and I will be celebrating our year anniversary! I can’t believe it!  Time does fly by when you aren’t insecure in your relationship. Oh, that’s not right…how does that saying go? Anyway, I promised myself, I would have my wedding album completed before our anniversary. Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, I haven’t as much as given it a thought till this weekend.

So, with the deadline looming, I’ve made it the main focus on my to-do list; going through all the photos, Polaroid pictures and videos. It’s been an unexpected treat to relive our wedding day. Not only because it was my favorite day thus far, but it also let me marvel at how everything turned out. All our wedding décor, name cards, flowers and table numbers were DIY’s – with the help of my amazing friends and loving family my wedding turned out better than I could have imagined. We also saved thousands of dollars doing it ourselves. Rather than just tell you about it, why don’t I show you what we did… If you want more details. let me know!

For our table numbers, I went down to home depot and grabbed clay brick and wrote the numbers with a chalk pen.


We had a girls craft day and hand painted water color place cards. I loved the way they turned out. Each one was unique and went with the vintage decor.

place cards


My lovely mother in-law actually learned calligraphy for the place cards. She has beautiful writing to begin with, so don’t judge yourself too harshly if you can’t get the hang out of it after one class…

12119_details-81For the flowers, I collected jars the year before and arranged them the day before the wedding with a handful of girlfriends.  I was fortunate that the owner of Fleur De Rye, Caitlyn Rylander, was also there and helped with the creative direction. For more tips check out our DIY flower arranging post.


table - view

The last detail was the wedding favor bag, complete with a shot glass and a mini bottle of Casamigos Tequila! They were a lot of work but I loved how they turned out. I ordered muslin bags in bulk and then taped them with 4 pieces of  1 1/2″ masking tape. Then painted the exposed fabric part of the bag with either rose gold or gold fabric paint. Letting them dry before I peeled off the tape to reveal perfectly striped bags.

Weddings can be overwhelming, but my best advice is enjoy every moment of it! The actual day goes by so quickly!

Photos by: Timepiece Studio


Sealed with a KISS!




(How many friends can you get into your selfies? #myfriendshavelongerarmsthanyourfriends)

Dear Diary,

If you read my last post – Bridal Shower Bliss you would know that I was gearing up to throw another Bachelorette! Did you catch SFG Lauren’s Bachelorette featured on Lauren Conrad?! If not, you really should! The FIESTA themed weekend we threw her is perfect inspiration with Cinco de Mayo right around the corner! Piñata + pinto beans anyone?! :)

As I’ve said before, start with creating an invite that’s an extension of your bride and the inspiration for the weekend.



The slogan for the weekend set the stage for KISS lip details!


I used Washi decorative tape to attach the printed lettering to the banner flags.

Fresh tulips!

Fresh tulips in the perfect color palate :)


Party healthy sweet tray

This was my way of creating a fun “sweets” station, but with a healthy twist for our uber health conscience bride.

Personal serving sizes of air popped popcorn complete in ice cream cones!

Bachelorette - Xs + Os Kiss Theme

Floating hearts + hanging Xs+Os


I live for the little details…


Our colorful tablescape from Spritz line for Target!

Affordable and disposable for easy party clean up! I staged a plate stack to tie in all the colors on top of a lucite charger.

Bachelorette - Tablescape - KISS lips theme

 I glitter glued clothes pins for a pretty metallic accent pop!


Don’t forget to personalize it!

Or I’ll SMACK you…Right in the KISSER!


Lips party bachelorette straws

To create the paper straw lip detail, I drew a stencil of lips and cut them out of red paper using an exacto knife. Then, cut two horizontal slits to fit the paper straws through.


As a fun take home for our bride we all puckered up in different shades of red to kiss the matting in the frame. She can add in a picture from the night to remember the epic occasion!


* Kiss The Hunk *

(Hang a poster of the bride’s celebrity crush, blind fold all the girls, spin them around and then aim them for the poster. Closest to his kisser wins! Don’t forget the red lipstick!)

* My Lips Are Sealed *

(Two truths and a lie. This is a great getting to know you ice breaker game if you have a mixed group of friends! Have each guest tell two truths and one lie about themselves and see who can decipher what’s what.)


And for the bride’s that don’t want all the fuss of the veil and sash, find other non-traditional ways of embarrassing them. (ie. Lots of them…)


Also, incase she isn’t sure about doing something make sure her groom is close by to tell her it’s okay to…

Drink champagne + Dance on the table!

What’s your ideal bachelorette?!


Bridal Shower Bliss…


Dear Diary,

As you know SFG Lauren got hitched and we just wrapped up on all her fun wedding related festivities. (More posts to come on her epic day!) However, wedding season is just beginning for me! I’m a wedding photographer and have been lucky enough to capture the most special day for clients that then become friends. Did I mention I have the best job ever?! My next “client” is extra special because she’s already one of my best friends and soul sister. I threw her a bridal shower with another girlfriend a couple weeks ago and this is what we came up with…

Start with the invite! (Sorry for the iPhone pic)

Bridal Shower Invite - Shower the Bride

Choosing the invite will help set the tone for the party! They should seem cohesive.

Personalize your bridal shower party!

Personalize it, personalize it, personalize it!!

What is her favorite color? What does she like to eat? What’s her vibe?

Use decor and party elements you already have (I’m on a budget people!) and add a twist to make it represent the guest of honor.

Chalkboard signs are an easy way to do this!

CHEERS! - Bridal Shower Champagne Bar

Budget Tip #1: Tissue paper in lieu of more flowers…

We stuffed the metallic pots with it and they looked so cute!

Bridal Shower Pink + Metallic


Make her the center of attention!

Bridal Shower Chair - Crown

Saving Tip #2: You’d be surprised what you can find at the Dollar Tree! Spray paint $1 frames to match your color scheme… I’ve also jazzed up champagne glasses!



Saving Tip #3: Rework an old piece you have to customize it for the special occasion. In this case, I wrapped my bull horns with colorful yarn and added a flower crown. :) I swear I use him in just about every shoot and event I produce! haha.


Bridal Shower details

Saving Tip #4: Paint old mason jars or chalkboard them.


Find the “W”…

Healthy Banana Froyo - Bridal Shower Healthy eats! - Mini Mason jars!

Our bride has a food and fitness blog so we used all of her recipes for her party! This is healthy, all-natural FROYO! Get Abby’s recipe on her blog SayiWon’tFit!



Bridal Shower Games: (We played…)

* 20 Questions

(Ask the groom a set of questions and have the guests write down the number they think the bride will correctly guess. For every wrong answer the bride has to chew a piece of bubble gum!)

* Oh Sh*t Kit!

(Put an item the bride will need on her big day (ie. sewing kit, mints, double sided tape, stain remover pen, etc…) in a numbered paper bag. Pass the bags around and have the guests feel inside to guess what it is. Write it down next to the corresponding number.)

* How Old Am I?

(Pass around a collection of numbered photos of the bride at various ages and have the guest write down the age they think she is. You’ll need a family members help for this one.)

Bridal Shower Games - Guess the brides age! - Hang photos of the bride at different times in her life and have the guests write down what age they think she is in each pic! Don't forget the prizes!


Saving Tip #5: Can’t afford a photo booth? Create your own with hanging old frames. People can stage their own shoots!

Bridal Shower - Hanging photo Frames - photo booth ideas



Party favor treats!


I stuffed a colorful pillow in one of my Glamma’s old hat boxes and it made for the sweetest set up!

Thank you - Bridal Shower guest goodies - Healthy trail mix!

I love a theme party, but they sometimes get a bad rap because they can be cheesy. (Which also is sometimes what you’re going for and lots of fun!) People forget that themes aren’t limited to Cowboy, Hawaiian, Sailor, Barbie…

Pinterest is a great reference! I love using a phrase, color palette, favorite restaurant, etc… for inspiration! By thinking outside the box you’re opening yourself up to tie in new, unique elements that give your theme something different than what’s been done before.

Here are some “themes” that I love that aren’t so on the nose…

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas:

* Je t’aime

(“I love you” in French for a Parisian element – remember the movie Bridesmaids?! Ha)

* Xs + Os

* Something Sweet!

(Play on “Something old, something new, something borrowed”… for all those brides out there with a sweet tooth! I’m envisioning adorable macaroons and a fantastic candy bar!)

*Mix + Muddle

(Champagne Bar Brunch anyone?!)

* Glitter Girls

(“She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten”… We did this for SFG Lauren’s bachelorette! Have everyone wear something sparkly!)

* Pretty in Pink

(Use shades of pink and metallics throughout the party!)

* Lips

(Kissing her last name away! I’m doing this one for Abby’s bachelorette this weekend!)

What are your favorite party tips and themes? I especially love the budget friendly ones! Make sure to leave a comment and let us know!


Derby Days Themed Affair


Dear Diary,

My favorite line used to be “Ugggh!! I don’t know what to wear black or… black.” However, since Pinterest, I have been inspired to go outside my comfort zone when choosing clothing. Color and prints now hang among my signature black pieces.  I guess, always dressing in all black is an ailment of being a Skinny Fat Girl.  I mean, what color is better suited to making you look your skinniest?

Sometimes, I’ll find myself slipping and black on black finds its way back into my rotation. It happens to me, when I’ve had a bad week and am feeling like a blimp. It sucks, but hiding in my clothes makes me feel better. It’s moments like these, I have to snap myself out it. One way, and you may find this unbearable cheesy, but it has worked – is attending themed events.  I never thought the day would come when I would say that out loud, but I will actually go into a dressing room and try things on!!! THIS is a rare thing for me to do, dressing rooms are my personal nightmare. Especially the ones with horrible lighting and mirrors that make you look wider… which is every one. Themes can be a little annoying, especially, the all white parties.  But, they make me try on new things and I can use a nudge from time to time.

When planning for my bachelorette party, we opted to choose some themes for the weekend.  For wine tasting, we thought, Derby Days would be fun and reward us with some bright photos. Floppy hats and colorful sundresses turned out to be the perfect way to spend an afternoon drinking…Did I mention how far removed I found myself from black?! I went all out for it; in this colorful Karen Millen ensemble, Chili Beans Sunglasses and homemade sash. It was an amazing weekend.


This was another one of those moments, that you are only allowed to get away with, when you are getting married. LOL, the gleeful I’m getting married dance anyone?! Nerd alert


 Seriously love Val’s purple hat! Jackie’s side braid was pretty amazing…



I know theme’s can be daunting, but they help with packing…!


Pillow Fight!


Dear Diary,

I’m FINALLY posting the last of my bachelorette blog series…(Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3) Sigh. Although, we’re not too far off from Lauren’s glorious event so more to come in the near future :)

When we got back to the house after our long adventure on foot we decided it would be a good idea to get cleaned up. I’ve been known to pit out and it was a hot day, so it was never really up for debate. However, just as I start to gross you out picture this… Bubbly in hand, Beyonce radio, p.j. pillow fights and lots of sass! That’s what I think of when I hear “bachelorette.” And let me tell you this one had ALL OF THE ABOVE! Our fun was of course captured by moi and turned into a classy boudoir shoot for the bride to be’s lucky man. What a cool wedding gift, right?!

It was the perfect way to kick off our evening for a night in or out…? Cheers to our gorgeous bride, Carlee!

Bachelorette Party Shoot | Valorie Darling Photography

Yes, he did. Smart man!



Oh yeah, who could forget the boas?!

Pillow Fight Shoot

Amber got a bit aggressive with hers…


Perfectly, every bit of the blushing bride :)


Again, how adorable are my friends?


Watch out Santa Barbara, we’re coming for ya!


Whoever said shots were a good idea?!


Yay, I got in a couple pictures!


The aftermath…Hangover Part IV


No one said it ended pretty.


Photos: Valorie Darling Photography

We Set A Date!



Dear Diary,

OK…so we did it! We have finally set a date! Now it’s time to get started on the wedding details. (warning becoming a women obsessed with the small stuff) Magazines and blogs, alike, suggest that you look back and weave the story of how you came to be  a couple. Hmmm, when did we “officially” label ourselves an item? Let’s see… Max and I, were both getting manicures and pedicures at the Big Apple Salon on Sunset, ironic it’s named after New York, but it’s in the heart of Los Angeles. (Men in LA have no qualms about going to a nail salon – I respect that, especially since flip-flops are worn year round here.)

There we both were, sitting quietly; my massage chair set on “knead,” pounding steadily into my back – when Stevie, my wonderfully efficient nail technician, looked up and asked Max, “is she your girlfriend?” At that moment, I noticed Celine Dion, and only Celine Dion, was the Big Apple’s chosen background music..nothing like hearing the song, “My Heart Will Go On,” followed by, “Because You Loved Me,” during a pivotal moment in one’s relationship. I sheepishly smiled, Max’s ears turned pinkish and we both kind of sunk down in our chairs – the kneading massage chair was no longer pleasant in that position. #justsayin

It wasn’t until we both got back it the car that we become official. It wasn’t terribly romantic, I believe Max’s exact words were, “well I’m not seeing anyone else, are you?” I believe, he mentioned something about not having time to see anyone else, but I’m going to erase that from the official transcript to make it sound like he was a little more excited about receiving the title of boyfriend.

I, guess, the big question now, should our wedding favors be nail polish? Or do we just toast to Stevie?…I mean if it wasn’t for him, who know’s where we would be today. Ladies, if you are looking for a way to find out where your relationship stands, might I suggest the Big Apple Nail Salon on Sunset?



Vintage LOVE.


Vintage Engagement Shoot

Dear Diary,

I was excited to find out my vintage chic engagement shoot with Brittni & Josh was featured in Bridal Musings! Heck, yes! So in light of that and Lauren’s recent engagement, I’m going to start sharing more of my wedding related images with you.

Their wedding day theme was “A true love story never ends” which to me had a Notebook-esque feel to it. I wanted to create a fun, vintage look that captured the essence that. We shot this in Venice Beach, CA using fun details like scrabble pieces, an old fishing basket (that I found in the Functionario’s garage), a vintage camera (garage sale), and a thin plastic umbrella from the 99 cent store!

I styled Brittni in high-waisted shorts from American Apparel and a retro crop top from Brandy Melville. Her makeup was done by the talented Danika Lamb (from my BROW beauty post).


IMG_6083 IMG_6073


The later part of their shoot looked like this…Beaches, Bikes, & Babes! (aka Barbie & Ken)


                                      IMG_6542 IMG_6519


                                        IMG_6551 IMG_6574



                                        IMG_0257 IMG_0255



SignatureValorie Darling Photography


Engagement times two…


Dear Diary,

Two of my dearest friends and co-founders of my non-profit, SoCal HeARTs, got ENGAGED in the same week! Not to mention our very own SFG, Lauren! So when I say all my friends are getting engaged, married and having babies – I really mean it! Wedding fever is definitely in effect!

It’s cool guys I don’t feel left out or anything… Nope, because guess what?! Just so happens Carlee asked me to be her FLOWER GIRL! And no I’m not kidding. Apparently, twenty years after seven and I’m still not past my prime! Can you say dream come true?! If you read this post you know that’s all I ever wanted growing up and my time has FINALLY come! Step aside babies, you’re about to see the best flower girl EVER!

To get my brides ready for their big day I put together a little survival kit…

Check out this craft explosion!

Monogrammed CHAMPAGNE bottles!


Both of their soon to be last names start with an “S”!

I created a custom logo (free fonts here!) for them and printed them on stickers. They also help cover up the cheap label (Sorry guys! SFG budget)

Trash cans work just fine as gift “baskets” :)


The number system…


Engagement Survival Kit

1. CELEBRATE: Champagne! (duh.)

2. For all the planning stresses: Advil.

3. Wedding day mishaps: Sewing kit.

4. Lots of INSPIRATION: Wedding mags!

5. Other goodies: Water bottle, ring pops, etc…

Survival Kit Tag


All wrapped up in some cellophane and a bow…

Check out my engagement photos with Carlee & Jason featured on! Rustic Inspiration & 70s Glamping (Dad, that’s Glamour + Camping. My Brownie Troop taught me well!)


Jennifer Lawrence CHAIN UPDO!


Dear Diary,

Jennifer Lawrence has left Hollywood buzzing after her appearance in Hunger Games as Katniss.  She’s young, beautiful, witty and talented…okay, okay, we get it Jen.  I’m contemplating taking up archery now…like I have time for that, thanks.  I haven’t even read the series and was still there on opening night waiting in a ridiculous line amongst fifteen-year-olds.  It was a really exciting date night experience elbowing those youngsters off to get the best seats and reliving my days of getting dropped off at the theater (thanks Mom!) to see Titanic…seven times.  That’s 1,358 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.  Then they show the previews for the re-release of Titanic in 3D…I might have to go again.  All in all, it was an extremely entertaining movie and Lawrence didn’t disappoint.  She never does on the red carpet either…

This stunning Oscar-contending actress looked just like the statue at the London premiere.  She rocked a gold Prabal Gurung gown, with a smokey eye and nude lip.  She literally LINKED her look together with a CHAIN in her updo!  Why should it only look like a party on your arm when your hair can dazzle too?!


* Hair brush

* Hair elastic

* Bobby pins

* Chain (necklace) or trim embellishment

 A trim embellishment can also create this look without weighing your hair down…


1. Secure your hair with an elastic at the nape of your neck. (I prefer mine to the side) When your elastic is pulled tight, only bring your hair halfway through creating a loop with your ends loose.

2. Grab a section of your ponytail and wrap it different directions.  Pin the section in place and continue until the rest of your hair is finished.  Don’t worry about it looking perfect, the idea is to create a soft, messy, romantic feel.

3. Once your entire ponytail is pinned, wrap a light-weight chain necklace or trim embellishment around the bun.

4. Loop the bobby pin through the chain openings and pin the embellishment in place wherever you want it to drape.  Zigzag it, swirl it,…you can do whatever you like… Continue until you reach the end of the chain or embellishment.

5. Viola!  A romantic updo for the red carpet, wedding or special event…

Check out my tutorial with hair stylist, Mishelle Parry, who did the hair & makeup featured in PhotoFun!


Tutu Too Cute!


Dear Diary,

Growing up, I was obsessed with weddings!  I was always so fascinated by the decor, the details and especially the dresses. I desperately wanted to be a flower girl. It really was my goal in life! As I got older and realized that I was starting to grow out of adorable flower girl age appropriateness, I began to panic. Was I seriously not going to be one?  Thankfully, another wedding came along just in time – my uncle Randy & aunt Liz were tying the knot.  I was 7 1/2 years-old, and I couldn’t wait to accept my role as flower girl! Finally! Thank God, my cuteness wasn’t going to go to waste. Sigh…

Wait, what?! I’m sorry, you’re having a “small wedding” without any frills or (gasp) a FLOWER GIRL?! Cue morose dream crushing music. But I wasn’t going out without a fight.  I would fool people into thinking I held the title of flower girl. I showed up to their big day wearing a poofy, bedazzled white satin dress (my mom drew the line at the tiara and lace gloves…bitch), and made my way into literally every photo and even almost caught the bouquet! I practically convinced myself I was a flower girl! It only makes sense that I would make weddings my job! (I was just shadowing the wedding photographer so I would know what to do in 20 years.)

Cut to the present.  This insane childhood desire to be in weddings may have put the wrong thing into the universe, because now I’ve been in a lot of weddings (several each year in fact).  Should I be worried that my life parallels Katherine Heigl’s in 27 Dresses? Closet space in LA is hard to come by, and mine has a large section dedicated to bridesmaid dresses (that I can “totally wear again”).

In honor of the approaching wedding season and of several of my friends reproducing, I felt like I should do a DIY for all you mommas, moms to be, or anyone looking to make a fun costume. TUTUS! How precious to have your flower girl wearing a tutu?!

Recently, my friend’s niece was asked to be a flower girl and she said, “No thank you, I want to be a butterfly!” – Hava. How sweet is that? But really kid, don’t turn down the opportunity, not everyone is so lucky! I think a tutu would go perfectly with her little butterfly wings coming down the aisle! (Love you, Hava girl)


 My cousin Sam, Aunt Liz and I.

We both look annoyed with each other. Sam on the other hand was happy to escape any ring bearer duties…

IMG_3421 I would literally not let the bride and groom out of my sight!

I even insisted on staying and watching the other side of the family take photos… by myself. Don’t believe me?!…



This one is pretty embarrassing… I practically cut their cake for them! I’m sorry Liz and Randy…


Sure, I’ll make a toast…


I wasn’t lying about the bouquet toss either. Maybe if I didn’t wear such puffy sleeves I would have had better arm mobility?!



*A couple yards of tulle (1 yard works fine for kids)



1. Cut the ribbon to fit around the waist, leaving around 15” on each side to tie a bow when you’re finished. Knot your ribbon
around 15” in on each side. (To show you where to tie on your tulle: inside the knots)

2. Lay your tulle on the floor and start folding 3” from the width end. Once it’s all rolled up, it should look like a tube. Cut about 1” off each end (discard or use to make something else) to even the sides out. Then cut 3” to 4” pieces along your tube. These roll out to be two long strips. Fold in half and cut in half. Do this once more. It should be around 15” long.

*This folding technique is just an easy way to cut the ribbon fairly straight without having to measure everything out. The pieces should end up being around 3” wide and 15″ long, which makes the finished tutu around 7 ½ ” long.

3. Make a “slip knot” with each strip of tulle onto the ribbon (in between the knots). This is done by taking a strip of tulle and folding it in half. Then, hold the loop and wrap the “tails” under the ribbon, pulling the “tails” through the loop and pulling tight around the ribbon. Try to keep the “tails” even. You can always trim them up later if you want a more precise look.

*You can add in ribbon or other fun materials like lace to create different textures. If you want a multi-colored tutu, just alternate different colors of tulle as desired. Create a pattern (ie. 5 pinks, 2 blues, 5 pinks, etc…) or just be random with it!

Tip: Tie one end of the ribbon to a doorknob, leg of a chair, etc… It makes securing the tulle on much easier.

Skinny Fat Girl Diary