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Dear diary,

My wedding is less than 6 months away!  WHAAAT, I can’t believe it!  It’s now crunch time, which means I’m exercising regularly, eating right, and making game day decisions… like FINALLY deciding on what dresses all of my beautiful maids will be wearing!  This was no easy task… with so many gorgeous bridesmaids dresses out there, and pinterest providing ample inspiration– deciding on a style and designer is not a simple feat.   While I know my wedding style is romantic and whimsical, I also didn’t want to be the bride that forces their style on everyone else in the wedding party.  Good thing mix ‘n match bridesmaid dresses are on fleek right now! With that said, I also want my wedding to feel cohesive and appropriate, so finding dresses that work well together is also crucial!  All of my best friends are easy going and eager to please the bride, so while I knew that they’d be happy to wear anything I wanted (and look great doing it), I wanted them to feel like individuals, and maintain their own unique style and aesthetic!

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I’m getting married at the Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, RI… a gorgeous gilded-age home full of historical charm and Atlantic ocean views.  I knew that with this elegance as a backdrop, the girls needed dresses that were classic and formal; and with that in mind, I assumed they’d be expensive too.  Right now, you’re lucky to find a floor length gown of high quality for less than $250… or so I thought.   While surfing the internet waves for style inspiration, I came across something unexpected… the White by Vera Wang Collection at Davids Bridal.

This collection blew my mind!  Not only were the prices way more affordable than anything else I’ve seen, but the quality and style of the dresses are up to par with some of the most expensive dresses out there!  Brides are so lucky to have their best friends in their life during this journey… they not only provide so much emotional support and help celebrate every milestone of this experience, but they also are financially strained by all the responsibilities of a bridesmaid: bachelorette party, hotel rooms and so much more… with zero complaining I might add!  The least I could do is pick a bridesmaid dress line that is affordable and has tons of variety so that each bridesmaid can pick a style they like!

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I was not only surprised by the amount of designer options Davids Bridal had– everything from White by Vera Wang to Wonder by Jenny Packham, but they also have a range of sizes (0-22) with extra length and maternity options available too!

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Recently, some of my NYC bridesmaids got together to show off some of the Vera Wang fashions… and have fun doing it… ;)  What do you think?  Will you choose David’s Bridal for your wedding?  Let us know!  Find out more at

Check out their array of bridesmaids dresses HERE… and designer bridesmaid dresses HERE!

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P.S.  Unsure of what style you want?  Luckily, David’s Bridal has a style finder tool!  It’s a fun little quiz for the bride or bridesmaid to take to help her narrow down best options depending on wedding style, color scheme, budget, etc.   Click HERE to find out more!

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