Take Control with Portion Control: The key to a healthy happy summer



Dear Diary,

Sadly my plate often looks like this …

not so healthy plate

… over stuffed with the wrong ingredients, and lacking in the healthy food that would keep me feeling fit and happy.  I consider myself a feast eater– while I know snacking may control my urges for unhealthy food and even increase my metabolism for when I do indulge in the wrong ones… I often choose to eat little during the day and then over indulge with a big meal later.

It’s time for a change people!  I’m taking control of my eating habits (and plate) by making a few small changes that will make a big difference!

I’m not just talking about a difference in my waist-line, but a difference in my confidence, attitude and energy level.  I want to enjoy this summer to the fullest– by just taking a few steps in a healthier direction– you can feel a whole lotta difference!

can you see the differences in this healthier plate? …

healthier plate

Introducing… the little bit of everything plate… everything that you want, but more of what you need!

Instead of piling mac ‘n cheese and potatoes on a big plate, I’m indulging with a spoon full and then filling the rest of the plate with protein and vegetables!

Also instead of a big plate, I’m opting for a smaller one now a days– while I can always have seconds, I find that I am more satisfied and just as full with a small plate compared to a larger one.

the little bit of everything plate

again, here are the rules:

1. Eat what you want… in moderation (less junk on the plate)

2. use a smaller plate and fill it up (just as satisfied, just as full)

3.  Be kind to yourself (you’re not perfect!  If you mess up, who cares!  Stick with it for a healthier mind, body and soul)

Try it out for yourself!  Compare your plates, and you be the judge! Don’t starve, be in charge!


this is a solution to all my feast problems!   No indulgent is too great…


… as long as you moderate :)

cookie couple

Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it!  Let’s take the control back!


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  1. BerryBloomXO says:

    These are really great tips! I love that you go with the idea that everything is allowed in moderation. There are other health blogs whom suggest that certain foods should be completely shut out and I don’t agree to that – as you’d just end up craving it a lot and going all out. Healthy is balance and balance is key.


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