Thailand – part 2


Dear Diary,

Off to island hopping…such a rough life.

After that long day of traveling from Bangkok to the island of Koh Tao (last travel post) we both had ridiculous cankles and as Tommy called them, “mashed potato toes”. Mine were so chubby they wouldn’t even pop by the hands of the strongest Thai woman on the island! I’m sure she was judging me.

Tommy was sad he forgot to wear his custom fitted compression socks he wore on the plane. He spent several minutes like this attempting to “drain” them. PS. Check out that towel art! I was impressed.

Thankfully, the swelling went down after a day (I blamed all the walking) and as you saw, we ventured around the island by scooter! Woohoo! I think we were the only two people on the island or all of Thailand for that matter that weren’t at least three people deep with no helmet and a baby on board.

Or a baby in a bar for that matter…behind the bar in fact!

I was mighty proud turning in my scooter the next day scratch free!  We were one of the few tourist leaving the island with no battle wounds and snickering coming from the locals :) Thank you college for my crash course in moped driving! (I could be seen around UO campus on my Kymco People 150cc black and chrome scooter in the Oregon rain headed to cheer practice. It could get up to 60 mph, but would get a bit squirrelly…)

When we got to the island of Koh Samui we thought we’d treat ourselves to our first beach massages. We found a cute palapa hut right in the sand and had a wonderful right leg beating until sideways wind, rain and lightning hit! We ran our unevenly worked bodies over to the nearest hotel bar and took cover for a couple hours with a Chang beer in hand. This is where we met our first friends; a cool South Africian couple. We were so excited to have someone else to talk to besides eachother. JK.

We waited for a little break in the weather (all of 3 seconds) and ran along the beach back to our hotel about a 1/4 mile down. I was leaping and panting and laughing all at once. It totally felt like we were in a romantic comedy. Soaking wet, happy and oh so in LOVE!

I found a keeper! I love this man!

We got back just in time to get cleaned up for our big NYE hotel dinner (that Tommy got duped into purchasing when booking. Oops.) and hilariously awkward entertainment. Picture an older Thai Vegas performer doing heavily accented renditions of American pop songs. My ears will never be the same. In his defense it could have been the fireworks…

The beach fireworks were awesome until I thought I was gonna die or leave without an appendage! In a matter of minutes it went from a fun, carefree evening to complete panic and feeling like I’m in the middle of a war zone! Kid you not every Tom, Dick and Harry had their own fireworks and loved setting them off literally everywhere! Ocean breeze, drunk idiots and explosives don’t mix. Just sayin. 

Our last night in Koh Samui we caved and got an infamous bucket drink with who knows what inside. Who cares, it was delish! We typically just braved questionable food and drinks until Tommy had some minor stomach complications and had to visit a local pharmacy. He came back with a bottle of baby vomit smelling chewables wrapped in Thai labeling and a smiling man on the back. (I never trust brands with creepy headshots on them. Why?) Anyway, these chewables actually helped. Tommy’s somewhat of a hypochondriac however, so these easily could have been placebos. Don’t judge a bottle by its cover. Or do.

Sweaty messes…Although, Tommy thought this bottom pic should be our Christmas card for next year with the caption, “Keep Christmas sexy”.

Beach huts for lunch // Tropical drinks and cold towels upon arrival // Street food




Wishes for the New Year… If only we were there for Yi Peng Festival!

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