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Dear Diary,

I know I’ve been back awhile and you’re all probably tired of hearing about my Thailand adventures (pt.1 / pt. 2), but too bad! I only posted about a portion of my trip (got caught up with awards show fashion and Valentine’s Day), and there were so many amazing experiences, I don’t want to deprive you. If I inspire one person to travel to this tropical paradise than I have done my part :)

So…are you ready to hear about the place that made me want to travel to Thailand in the first place?! Koh Phi Phi! This is the island where they shot “The Beach”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I had an insane crush on Leo at the time. (Didn’t everyone?! Hello, Titanic.) And I couldn’t believe that a place that beautiful could exist. It took me 12 years to get here, but I made it happen and with a skinny Leo look-a-like to sweeten the deal! Damn, I’m good.

So worth the wait!

20130102-IMG_2303 (1)


When we arrived I was dying to explore, but the hotel said the water was too choppy to get out to the surrounding islands and we’d have to wait til morning. That’s when I took matters into my own hands and scoured the beach for locals to hire. I conveniently found a man sleeping in a boat, so I figured he owned it. He said he could take us around for three hours, and I negotiated him down to less than the rate the hotel quoted me. A private long-tail boat tour! Yay!

Our driver loved taking us to inlets off the beaten path…aka rough waters! He would drop the anchor and say something in Thai and point. Terrified, I would whisper to Tommy that this didn’t seem safe as he jumped in with all his snorkel gear. At our first stop, I left mine behind feeling like it might weigh me down in some way. I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but I wasn’t just about to jump in, so I cautiously attempted to use the ladder that kept smashing me into the side of the boat. I swam around swallowing sea salt with every stroke pretending to enjoy myself because we’re in freakin’ Thailand! But let’s be real, I was sure I’d become one of those tragic Lifetime movies. I then noticed this little staircase up the side of the mountain and managed to make my way over not only to check it out, but also reach safety. I climbed up, calling Tommy over. The view was indescribable. Giant limestone cliffs jutting out of the ocean, a hidden lagoon below me. It felt like we were the only people to know about this secret location – except for the person who built the staircase, of course…

When we made our way back down the staircase to the water, we were careful to time the waves so as not to get swept into the rocks. Just as I was about to make the leap, Tommy slipped and dropped his flipper. We both lunged forward to grab it, and, luckily, he only sustained minor injuries (a scraped knee).

My swim back to the boat was like the worst part of a triathlon when you’re exhausted and think you might drown or get eaten by a shark. The waves were crashing over my head and I kept looking for our driver in a panic, hoping he would see me struggling and drive over. Oh no. He was napping. Seems like he had a rough night and was sleeping off the booze, or maybe he was still drunk. But obviously I survived, I’m writing this post…




Our driver was a good multi-tasker!


Snorkeling in the safer cove of Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi Lei (“The Beach”)

I can’t even begin to describe how magical this place is…So in LOVE!

After a day of snorkeling and swimming in paradise!



These little monkeys are cute, but watch out they might steal your stuff!



Viewpoint of the two bays…


Seafood dinner after a fun day in the sun!

The island has become pretty touristy, and because of that a lot of the coral reef has been damaged :( This also was one of the places that was directly effected by the 2004 tsunami. Crazy to think such tragedy existed in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen…

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    I love your pictures & blog!! You are an excellent writer!


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