Hello from Thailand!

สวัสดี (sà-wàt-dee-kah)

(Tommy was a bit nervous about the 16 hour leg…)

(This is what an international Christmas from the sky looks like…)

Dear Diary,

As I mentioned in “My Boyfriend’s Stocking” we are in Thailand on vacation! Woohoo! We have an action packed itinerary and have covered so much thanks to my scholarly boyfriend; his obsession with maps basically gives me a hot, unpaid tour guide in each city. Score!

Thailand is such a lovely country! It’s full of yummy cheap food, especially the street food! Be brave people, be brave! You literally can be full for under a dollar – a SFG’s dream! The best massages of your life for 200 baht (which translates to about $7), gorgeous beaches and everyone smiles at you. Can’t always say that about good old L.A.

A quick glimpse at Bangkok



Walking through the streets of the Night Market, BTS Skyrail, and river boat taxi!

These cute Thai women wanted to dress me up like a doll. We’re all ready to go out on the town in some traditional garb…








When I travel, I love to be adventurous and book stuff as go (if I like a spot I can stay longer or carry on if I’m not as taken). My boyfriend, however, is a bit older and not so into camping if things are booked up and hostels for $4 a night that include breakfast! (My words-“It also includes breakfast?! Absolutely!” His words- “Includes all that and a complimentary stabbing…absolutely not!” haha.) In a third world country a little bit goes a LONG way, but $10 can also mean the difference between hot water, electricity, etc… So I’ve agreed to be a little more planned, while he’s being a bit more relaxed. Certain legs of the trip I assured him we were fine and let me handle it – I am a world traveler after all… :) But apparently high season in Thailand during a holiday (NYE) isn’t always the best time to be spontaneous. Boo.

So when the train sleeper cars were fully booked to go down south to the islands, we were forced to book a bus which he was not happy about but didn’t give me an earful. That is until we also found out that they too were sold out…WHAAA?!? As his panicked eyes darted at me in a perfect “I told you so” fashion, I asked as calmly as I could if there was another company available. Followed by a nervous smile and terrified thoughts of having to hire a tuk-tuk to drive 9 hours. My baaaddddd. Typically everything works out for me and when it doesn’t I assure you it ends up being a better story, but Tommy wasn’t psyched and definitely didn’t want to listen to my unsure positive “fill the silence” small talk.

(Tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok with our luggage. Check out that leg room!)

Somehow, by the grace of God we literally got the last seats available and I got to flash the most satisfying “I told you so” look back at him. YES! However, upon frantic tuk-tuk arrival to the “bus station” we learned we were basically on a Spring Breakers’ bus tour and were surrounded by loads of unshowered, youngsters (I say this as if I’m so mature), all trying to squeeze on to an already oversold bus. Let’s just say I was sandwiched between at least 20 lbs of dreadlocks and pungent smells of B.O. for 7 hours. (Like I said, funny story later right?!) I was just happy to be on our way!  We managed to get in a couple Zs before reaching our ferry transfer. Just a mere 5 hours before our ferry ride! Ahhhh. We were literally left at 2AM in the dark at a deserted bus stop with roaming feral cats (even normal cats are not my fav) and a drunk lady (whom I first took as a man) wearing a cowboy hat stumbling around barefoot as our only entertainment. Holy shit, what have I got us into?! All I remember is waking up on the concrete face down on my backpack with Tommy’s head on top of mine (I guess I’m a good pillow and a HARD sleeper) with a hyena like dog curled up by my side! What a cute family :) But I was most frightened by the massive buckle imprint on my forehead and the scar like snakeskin pattern running up my cheek/neck that was deep enough I was sure it would never leave. Good look, Val.

All worth it to be in PARADISE!

Koh Toa is such a gem!

Happy boy now! About to snorkel one of the world’s most coveted reefs!

Walking the streets of Koh Toa until we got some fun moto bikes to explore the island…

Pink helmet for Tommy and robo cop one for me!




Views from our hotel: Dusit Buncha

(Complimentary breakfast, our patio, & infinity pool)

To read about the rest of this adventure check out (pt. 2 / pt. 3 / pt. 4)

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  1. Venetia says:

    This looks absolutely A-MAZ-ING Val!! Thank you for sharing your Thailand adventure! Anxiously waiting for Part 2! XO

  2. Marlana Carter says:

    Ok so when’s the girls trip?!?!

  3. admin says:

    YES! Girl’s trip needs to be in the works ASAP :) Xo

  4. nicole says:

    Hi! i stumbled upon this while beginning to plan a trip to Thailand with my boyfriend. Looks like you had an amazing time. Do you have a full itinerary of where you went and what you did? I’m a bit overwhelmed!

    • admin says:

      Hi Nicole! You’ll LOVE it – most amazing time ever! How long are you staying? There are 4 parts to my Thailand posts, so just search “Travel” and you can read about the rest of our trip (hotels, restaurants & adventures, etc).

      We stayed in Bangkok for three days which was plenty, then take an overnight train (book through a local travel agent) to Surat Thani or Chumphon then you can take a ferry out to the islands. Our favorite was Koh Tao (small and romantic) and Koh Samui (party island and National Marine Park). We then took a bus over to Krabi (or Phuket) where we ferried to Koh Phi Phi (“The Beach” location). I would recommend spending more time on one of the islands than the cities. We stayed in Phuket for one night (pretty crazy) before flying up North to Chiang Mai (our FAV city) and did a Thai cooking class, jungle trekking on elephants, and played with baby tiger cubs! Each place we stayed a couple days and we spent the most time in Chaing Mai which was great because there was so much to do there.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions! XO

      • admin says:

        PS. Check out for great SE Asia hotel accommodations!

        • nicole says:

          Perfect! thanks SO much! This is so helpful to have. I am planning on going for around two weeks this Christmas… it looks like you went around the same time! Thanks again!

          • nicole says:

            one more thing… did you book your train and flight before you went or when you got there? By local travel agency do you mean local to where you live or in Thailand? If Thailand, which agency did you use? Thanks!

          • admin says:

            We booked our in country flights there, and I would go ahead and book your train ahead of time or right upon arrival. As you read in my post, it’s high season and with NYE (especially if you plan to be in the islands) you want to book things early or you’ll run into some sticky situations! haha. After the holiday everything is fine to book as you go…

  5. Monica says:

    Hi Nicole!
    Loved looking at your Thailand pics!
    quick question – how many days was your trip (including travelling to and from Thailand)

    Thank you :)


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