Thanks for the rosacea, mom: The journey to find glowing skin



Thanks to my Irish heritage my natural skin tone is what you’d call “beet red.”  My whole life I was waiting to have that perfect complexion– naturally glowing, blemish-free skin, as if I walked right out of a Neutrogena commercial.  Sadly, I’m so gullible that I really believed once my teenage years were over, that this fantasy would be my reality.  I was sorely mistaken.  Like most teenagers out there, I suffered from oily skin, occasional acne, and an uneven skin tone (there were seriously days where I felt like a relative of Barney; purple and pink all over).  Basically my skin is always something I’ve tried to perfect and through out the years I’ve tried basically everything in the book– well, except the vampire facial… not for me.  After all my experimenting, I’ve learned a thing or two.

SFG sun and skin

For the longest time I would over-wash my face; using harsh (and expensive $) products  a couple times a day to strip away oil, but in the past couple years I finally figured out the secret to my best looking skin…

skin care routine

Here’s what I’ve learned from all my 26 (almost 27) years…

1. oily skin is a good thing

Your skin makes natural oils to protect itself from the elements.  Make-up artists here in LA have told me time and time again, when I complain about shine, that oils in my skin will keep me looking younger… longer.  So instead of stripping oil off my skin, I just off-set shine by using powder based foundation.

2. you’re not perfect and neither is anyone else

(aren’t you a bit relieved?)

Living in LA you’re bound to run into just about everybody… celebrities I mean… and let me tell you, no one looks exactly as they do in the magazine.  For big photo shoots, our favorite beauties are blessed with perfect lighting, professional make-up, and top-editors for airbrushing.  No one looks THAT GOOD in real life… and that’s okay!  We all look sweaty in yoga class, and leave the hotbox stinking like a hog rather than glistening like a star.

3. don’t mess with it

Growing up, my face was constantly irritated because I was over doing it… but fortunately, my body skin is even toned and blemish free– and oddly enough, all I do is wash it and moisturize it.  That let’s me know that there is hope for my face too!  Don’t over wash and use simple products!  I get less pimples now using dove soap than I did when I used an acne based cleanser!  CRAZY I know!! I use a small organic exfoliating brush to wipe away dead skin cells twice a week too!  This gives my skin that healthy glow I always wanted!

4. moisturize and sunscreen to protect

This is my most important rule!  Sunscreen and moisturize adds an extra layer of protection from the elements that can damage our skin every day… use it daily for happier skin!

sfg skin shot

Remember, all you need to do is WASH, EXFOLIATE, MOISTURIZE, REPEAT.  Trust your skin to take care of the rest :)

So have I achieved my quest to have the perfect skin tone??

NO.  Is my skin tone still tinted red? Yes, thanks again, mom… but it’s no longer irritated or comparable to the complexion of Barney!!!  And hey, I’m not perfect, and that’s okay.

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