Thanksgiving dessert… the healthy version


Dear Diary,

I don’t know about y’all but I’m SUPER excited for Thanksgiving!  Finally it’s November… and even in Los Angeles the weather is starting to turn crisp and cool.  In just a few weeks the holidays will begin… and we know what that means… food, food, oh and more food!!!!  I for one, cannot wait for some great apple pie, turkey and stuffing… but I know that by January my pants won’t be able to zip up unless I also create some healthy alternative treats!

After doing some research online for some great holiday recipes… I came across a Pumpkin Cheesecake with a healthy twist!

Now in my mind, cheesecake is associated with creamy, delicious FAT… well this recipe replaces the fat with PROTEIN… by using good old cottage cheese!  Cottage cheese is full of protein and low in carbs; the perfect addition to any meal.  Now I love cottage cheese, but I know that not everyone’s a fan… you might be thinking… sfg Jackie is out of her mind… there is no way this dessert will taste good!

Well for all you skeptics out there… I decided to test it out– you know I can’t resist dessert :)

The recipe is simple… mix in a blender: pumpkin puree, cottage cheese, a dash of milk and vanilla flavored fat-free pudding… I used to greek vanilla yogurt and it was a great alternative!  Add a dash of cinnamon and two packets of Truvia (a natural 0 calorie sweetener) and ta-da!  You’re done!

Enjoy & check out the original recipe

This time of year is all about the pumpkin!  Enjoy this treat on Thanksgiving or on a cozy weekend fall day!

–  SFG Jackie

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