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Like clockwork, every weekend morning I wake up craving my favorite diner treat– a tuna melt! I mean what’s not to love? A cheesy delight, smothered in creamy mayo filling with tangy tuna and crusty bread– it’s a classic combination that cures any hang-over and makes you feel like you’re a free bird for the weekend.  The only problem is: this is a very HEAVY dish.  As delicious as it is, I keep thinking that it’s not worth the calories… or the food coma.

A typical tuna melt you’d find at a restaurant can have up to 1500 calories– which is crazy, since weekends are full of great dinners and fun cocktails that will pile up the calories even more!  Instead I decided I can SAVE MONEY, while also saving my waistline by recreating a healthier version at home!

This is a completely SFG original recipe!  Enjoy your weekends ladies!

                                                                              This = 1500:



All of This= LESS THAN 500 calories:



I had SO MUCH fun creating this recipe; the BIG DIFFERENCE between my tuna melt and a restaurants, is that mine has ZERO MAYO… instead I used:

red wine vinegar combined with several vegetables; chop up some radish, celery, green onions, and an avocado– don’t forget to add pepper to your tuna!  I also used a soy cheese instead of the real deal– saving some calories without losing flavor!



Wrap up the ingredients in a low-carb tortilla and toast on the stove!


I also added a small arugula salad on the side and a small serving of baked sweet potato– just as good as fries!


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