The Wedding Band


(Who wouldn’t want to listen to the sweet sounds of the very talented @HaroldPerrineau #BrianAustinGreene @THEDerekMiller & @PeterCambor – Created by the very funny @JoshLobis & Darin Moiselle)

Dear Diary,

So it’s finally here, my big debut on TBS’ The Wedding Band! (Saturday, December 22nd at 10/9PMc) Whoop Whoop! Now that the world’s not ending I get if you want to party it up, but I urge you to put your clubbing outfits away and snuggle up on the couch to see me in a ridiculous outfit hanging out with none other than the original 90210s David Silver! (aka. Notorious B.A.G. aka. Brian Austin Greene aka. Megan Fox‘s husband) If your plans must take you away from the tube, at least make sure to set your DVR!


(My outfit! See that big, blue rain jacket? No, not that…the itty-bitty pink top and shorts hanging on top of that.)

I had the best time on set! Not only was the cast & crew so welcoming and fun- I also found out that one of my dearest friends, Lili Mirojnick, also booked the same episode! (Are you kidding me?! This is too good to be true!) And we had adjoining trailers! Best. Day. Ever.

(“Zoe” & “Kristy” in lucky numbers 7 & 8!)

We forced the PA (production assistant) to unlock the adjoining door and just hung out on our microscopic couches and looked at each other. I know it doesn’t sound all that cool, but we were geeking out with excitement!

(So you get the idea…)

One of the best things about being on set is definitely “crafty” or “craft services.” To someone who isn’t familiar with that term, it’s basically a collection of every snack you could imagine! Picture your parent’s special junk cupboard on crack. Yeah…that good. However, my wardrobe was of course ridiculously small and tight (Oh lord, why didn’t I know this until two days before shooting. I could have at least pretended to fast…), so I had to resist crafty’s gravitational pull. I was basically tortured for two days, thinking I was going to shoot at any moment, but they didn’t get to me until the end of the day. I’m thankful I didn’t pass out during my scene from lack of nutrition and exposure to uber hot guys!

(At least I got pants…sorry Lils.)

(One of the many food trucks that visited set. Like I said, FOOD DISNEYLAND!)

(Finally shooting! Yes, I’m smiling at the pretty Peter Cambor & B.A.G., but mostly fantasizing about the mashed potato truck I’m going to raid after this take… BAM. Sweet onion, pulled pork mashers in yo face! I would compare it to angels dancing on your taste buds. Incredible.)

I was then asked to come back for another episode. Again…Best. Day. Ever. They wrote me into the ninth episode.  Of course, if you watch the ninth episode, you won’t see me – they had to cut the scene.  But that scene, existed, I promise.



(Loved the other guest stars and series regulars @HiRyanHansen @WendiMcLendoco @Kurtwoodsmith @MeloraHardin @AndrewBurlinson @lilypad13)

You can catch all the episodes HERE!

Brian kept trying to charm me, but I wasn’t having it :)



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  1. Libby says:


    Love and miss you! So excited for you!

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