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Dear Diary,

I sometimes think they miss cast Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses – it’s truly my reality. I love weddings like I love a good savory snack! To me, there’s really nothing better. However, my closet is packed full with once-worn David’s Bridal dresses and my bank account is dwindling by the second. My mom jokes that I’m IN so many weddings because people know I obsess over the details, can’t say “no”,  and they’re bound to have a Pinterest worthy party. Last summer alone I attended 12 weddings and this month alone I threw two bachelorettes, one bridal shower and photographed an out of state wedding. Geez, I’m exhausted just thinking about it again.

Since I love all the fun details, but I’m watching my wallet I find ways to reuse things, remake and throw a fabulous party on a budget. At SFG Lauren’s bachelorette we created a DRINK STATION with all the pretty frills and a SIGNATURE DRINK: “The Blushing Bride”. Made with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and champagne. (Psst…grapefruit juice has less sugar than OJ) Perfectly pretty for a girlie soiree!

As many times as I’ve played hostess, there’s one important thing my Momma taught me and that’s pour yourself a drink before your guests arrive! It helps take the edge off and after all that planning you deserve it!



I made custom signs for our drink station with cute sayings… Check out these free fonts here!


Don’t forget the adorable color coordinated straws! I’m obsessed with the cute paper ones!

To stay on track budget wise I visited the Dollar Tree to find inspiration to later personalize. Don’t be afraid to check them out!  I bought several frames and spray painted them metallic gold. It was our accent color after all…



Bottoms up! Especially when the light bachelorette convo turns into the horrors of child labor. That sassy drink station won’t only be pretty but necessary!

To see the rest of our bachelorette inspiration check out our post on Lauren Conrad!


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  1. BerryBloomXO says:

    That all looks so pretty! I love the straws too! :D

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