Thirsty Thursday: The MELON DEUCE


honey deuce 3

Dear Diary,

It’s getting close to the weekend!! And you know what that means… it’s time to grab some friends, head to the beach and enjoy a fun cocktail (with or without the alcohol).   This recipe reminds us of summer– the bright ombre colors and fresh fruit really helps make our transition from a stressful week into a leisurely weekend as easy as 1, 2, drink!  So meet up with some friends today and enjoy the melon deuce!

How did this fun, refreshing drink get its name, you ask?  Well, it all started with a little tournament known as THE US OPEN.  If your dad is anything like SFG Jackie’s, you were probably forced to be a tennis fan since birth… if not, let us enlighten you– the US Open is a Professional Tennis tournament that comes to NY at the tail end of summer.  While the court action is always super exciting, this terrific cocktail is the highlight of the week in our book!

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This recipe is simply delicious, and best part is– it’s SFG approved for bikini season.  As you guys know… looking your best this season is all about confidence!  While tweaking this recipe to make a slightly healthier cocktail may be just a small step towards achieving your sexy goals for this summer– taking control of what you put in your body always makes us feel more radiant, confident and ready to party!

honey deuce 2

This recipe calls for lemonade– take control and make your own with stevia instead of sugar!

Here’s what you do:

make your own lemonade

10 lemons (freshly squeeze through a strainer so your juice is pulp/seed free)

1 cup of stevia (natural 0 calorie sweetener)-

2 cups of water

and mix together!


2 ounces of vodka over ice

top with 1 ounce of chambord… and that’s it!

honey deuce 6

And to make this drink even more fun, add frozen melon balls!!! All you have to do is use a small measuring spoon to scoop round, cute balls from a melon… let sit in the freezer until frozen!  They’re the perfect addition to ICE

honey deuce

Enjoy SFG’s!



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