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Dear Diary,

I always say that having bright eyes and moisturized lips make you look better no matter what state you’re in.  The moisturized lips come from my EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) lip balm. I was first attracted to these colorful balls out of sheer curiosity. They’re pretty cute right?! Not only do they come in several fun colors and flavors, I’ve also found that they moisturize well and don’t melt in the heat! Nothing worse than discovering an oil stained carseat or a messy coating on the bottom of your purse. Oh joy.


eos lip balms are packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, and shea butter, and are all-natural and organic. They’re free of paraben and petrolatum, which are both linked to cancer.


These puppies can really give you a beauty boost in a matter of moments and in so many ways. You’ve probably heard of a two-fer but what about a three-fer?! Here are three ways I use it.



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 Use a clean mascara wand (I usually swipe these freebies from makeup counters) and coat the brush with a little balm.


Next, brush your brows upward and out. Your brows will now stay put, without the crusty residue that some gels leave behind. Check out my brow post for proper grooming techniques!



My cuticles are constantly dry and sometimes crack in the wintertime due to severe dryness. Rub a little balm on the base of your nail to not only make your manicure look new and refreshed, but to also keep your cuticles hydrated and healthy.


Clean your hands and just rub it on there. It’s amazing what a difference this little ball or any chapstick can make!


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  1. abey says:

    Adorable! Love these ideas. I’m trying to get petroleum out of my life so good tips. Thanks Valorie!

  2. Darcy says:

    Wow these are great tips! I had no idea that these were so useful. I’ve yet to try one, but with all the possibilities I doubt that will be true much longer!

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