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Dear Diary,

I would like to say I’m the proud auntie of a new baby girl! Well, sort of… It’s really Tommy’s brother and sister-in-law’s new bundle of joy, but let me tell you she’s a cutie and I’m claiming her. I can’t wait to get out to Alabama to meet her and see the rest of the fam. (And dress her up in one of my ridiculous tutus of course!) They wanted to be surprised on the sex of their child, so I had to experiment with a couple different clothing options, but in honor of it being a girl, today’s DIY is all about baby girl swag! I’ll save the his/her onesies for another time…

My cutesy newborn headbands!


* Yarn

* Scissors

* Glue (preferably hot glue gun)

DIY headbands

1. Cut three strings of yarn in your desired color about 12″ long

DIY Newborn Headbands

2. Knot the strands together at one end and braid

3. Hold the knotted end and twist the length of the braid around the knot to create a “rose”

4. Use a hot glue gun to seal the beginning and end of the “rose” (on the backside) – you don’t need much!

5. Cut an extra string long enough to wrap around the baby’s head. Then glue it to the back of the “rose”.

(This headband is perfect for shoots since it’s so small and doesn’t over power the baby’s face)

This was a newborn shoot I did awhile back… How adorable is this little angel?


Other variations for a more prominent head piece…


* Textured fabric

* Elastic

* Scissors

* Glue (glue gun – preferably)

* Needle & thread

Find a fun textured fabric! I wasn’t sure how I felt about this gold yellow, but I fell for the pretty floral pattern.



1. Cut out a section from your material…(Make it however big you want your accent piece to be.)


2. Measure your elastic so that it fits around the baby’s head. (Mine was about 37 cm.) Leave a little bit extra to sew the ends together.


3. Cut out a section of material to use as your “backing” for your accent piece.

headband DIY

4. Take your “backing” (It should be slightly smaller than the featured cut out – you don’t want it to show from the front.) and glue the two pieces together to secure them around the elastic. That’s how you can hide your ends too :)



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