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Dear Diary,

With holiday travel looming ahead it’s not rare for me to wake up in a cold sweat dreaming of never ending security lines, chaotic gates,  and inappropriate pat downs (tip: Maxi dresses will always get you called out to get felt up. Thank you, TSA, for making me feel so much less violated by using the backs of your hands. Well played).

So after braving the insane lines, I’m thankful I can sit down and relax for a quick minute before I board. And by “relax” I mean sit on the floor because everyone’s spilling out of their sections and you never want to sit on your neighbor’s lap. Luckily, I come prepared with lots of distractions! My purse might as well be a black hole. Mary Poppins’ approved… You name it, I probably got it. So make sure you take a good travel tote this holiday season!


I could fit an entire Thanksgiving turkey in here. Note the comfy airport flats. So easy to kick off for a quick transition through the scanners! #barefeetdontcare

ValOutfitLaptop… check. Anti-bacterial spray…check. I also usually carry some sort of snack. What can I say I have low blood sugar :)


I also love a good cross-body messenger bag!


The extra pockets help keep me more organized! Or just give you more places to misplace things…

Here are some of my favorites right now…

White Python Tote Bag - Urban OutfittersUrban - Reversible ToteMadewell - Transport ToteUrban Outfitters - Chain ToteMadewellUrban - Tassle Braid

 Urban -Python/Urban-Reversible/Madewell/Urban-Chain/Madewell-Olive/Urban-Braided Tassle


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  1. Alexa says:

    Hi! My name is Alexa and I came across your website from the Lauren Conrad site.. I was reading the Travel Totes blog that is posted and I am absolutely IN LOVE with your handbags!!! I was wondering what store you got them from? The style is totally what I’ve been trying to search for. I love the leather and semi slouchy aspect of them.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Alexa! To be perfectly honest, I got them a few years back… The first one is actually from LA’s garment district and I got it not realizing that it was sort of a knock off of a Balenciaga bag. I don’t think that actual style exists for Balenciaga though, and if it did I wouldn’t be able to afford it. lol. The second bag is a Betsey Johnson. The interior fabric is pink with rose buds! I love it. Plus, there’s a cute grommet detail of lips on the back :) Happy Holidays, and hope that helps! XO

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