Treat Yourself: SPA DAY at home

Treat Yourself to YOU TIME!

Dear Diary,

It’s been one of those long, long weeks. Labor day has come and gone, and it’s time to get back to reality! Work is piling up and stress levels rise as fall begins.  We already start to look forward to the next holiday… enthusiastically anticipating a well deserved break! But why wait until then? I know we’re all busy people, but we deserve to feel refreshed and relaxed more often than JUST during holidays!

I recently began the overwhelming task of receiving my masters in social work from USC (GO TROJANS); I’m attempting to balance school, work and oh yeah– ACTING… and with so much going on, I’m just trying to stay a float!  It’s so important to take time for yourself especially when you’re super overwhelmed… and I know I have to take a little break before I burn out!

Going back to school has been an adjustment… doing homework has kept me up past my bedtime far too many nights, so it’s been difficult to feel fully rested day after day… and the lack of sleep is starting to show on my face… I think it’s time I gave myself a little TLC… I decided to pamper my skin with an at home facial Saturday afternoon– and enjoy some ME time by sitting out on my balcony while reading a book (for pleasure :)) and soaking in some rays!  It was sooo relaxing and just what my skin, body, and mind needed… TRY YOUR OWN FACIAL AT HOME:  MIX avocados and any other fruit you have around the kitchen (mangoes, bananas, berries, etc…)  As you know, fruit is full of anti-oxidants that will protect your skin from harmful elements, and prevent aging– keeping your skin looking younger for longer!

Cleanse, tone, hydrate, exfoliate and brighten by adding honey, lemon juice, olive oil, oatmeal and/or plain Greek yogurt… place some green or chamomile tea bags on your eyes to decrease the size of your own under eye bags!

After this spa treatment, I feel like a million bucks… It’s exactly what I needed on a Saturday afternoon… Now I’m ready to conquer everything all over again!

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  1. Carolina says:

    hey there, i liked you blog, it’s good. keep up the work.

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